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Arldom of Banner Hall


Ruler Thurston Highhorse III (Highhorse)
Succession  Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture
Capital Valemont
Area (mi²) ?
Population ?
Development Average+
Corruption Average-
Demonym Bannerish
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Ethnicities ?

Banner Hall is a "county" in the Ducdom of the Crownlands, primary title of His Lordship, Thurston III Highhorse. (Court)


The arldom borders Bonnyfield to the north-east, Kingswood to the south-east, Stronghold to the south, and the Antagonese ducdom of Gastony to the north-west. [One] major river flows through the arldom: the Easie; though the Antagonese border is marked by the Pale. The middle of the arldom is dominated by the Arborwood Forest, with lowland plains to the south of the Easie River Valley, and hilly country to the north, beginning the long upward slope toward the White Mountains.

  • The Capital is a couple of days walk to the SW
  • King's Road from Huntsley to Lordbury passes through
  • Old Imperial road, in ruin

Origin and History

The post-Imperial settlers of the region that would be known as Banner Hall were, ethnically, closely related to northern raiders. They were "barbarians" feared and respected for their cavalry and horsemanship. Culturally, they greatly resembled Tolkien's "Rohirrim." The early-post-Imperial monk and historian, Historius, characterised the Bannerish thus:

Specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness, that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Their chief men were specially lavish through their desire of good report. They were, moreover, a race skillful in flattery, given to the study of eloquence, so that the very boys were orators, a race altogether unbridled unless held firmly down by the yoke of justice. They were enduring of toil, hunger, and cold whenever fortune laid it on them, given to hunting and hawking, delighting in the pleasure of horses, and of all the weapons and garb of war.

By the time the region was absorbed into the Generic kingdom, Bannerish horse-lords were highly sought after as trainers of cavaliers, eventually becoming known as the "seat of Generic chivalry." The region has changed hands between the Generics and Antagonese several times over the following centuries. These days, the population is more "civilized" than its forebears, but retains a certain independent spirit. It continues to be known for its horse-breeders, and an exceptional local breed of destrier, the Valemont.

St. Eques

[Patron saint of Banner Hall, and the post-Imperial/pre-Generic horse-lord tribes of the region]

Economy and Resources

  • The early armies of Banner Hall were largely horsemen, and the people were closely affiliated with horses and horsemanship, both in war and peace. These days, the region is known for its knights and destriers, as it has been for centuries. But the sun of their former glory seems to be setting, as centuries of exclusivity and resistance to novelty have allowed competition to grow, forcing Bannerish horsemen and horse-breeders to bring in new blood, and new ideas, to keep relevant.
  • Historically mining of tin (and later also of copper) was important in the Bannerish economy, though it appears to have declined during the Imperial occupation. The tin trade revived after its importance to the Kings of Generica resulted in certain privileges being granted to the tinners and workers of bronze, and Bannerish whitesmiths/tinkers were highly sought-after. Over time, however, the tin trade again has fallen into decline, a state attributed as much to incompetent or corrupt guild management as to the increased reliance on steel over bronze.

Government and Politics

See Court of Banner Hall

Arls of Banner Hall

  • Thurston Highhorse I, 12th Arl of Banner Hall (?–933)
  • Thurston Highhorse II, 13th Arl of Banner Hall (933–975)
  • Thurston Highhorse III, 14th Arl of Banner Hall (975–)


  • [House Highhorse, house Hautblood, house Deeds, house Pendigree, et al]


  • [Relations with Antagonia, Bordoor, other provinces]
  • [Relations with d.Crownlands/k.Generica]
  • [Relations with other Generican neighbors]


Banner Hall is a de jure "county" consisting of 4 holdings (17 hundreds). See also: Vassalage in Generica.

Barony of Valemont

See Valemont

City of Herdeford

Vicarage of Prieston

Barony of Warsby

See Warsby

Hundreds (17)

  • Ardfoss
  • Astwes
  • Auchfield
  • Balster
  • Bergdon
  • Coedfrith
  • Dalecombe
  • Dundin
  • Glindstead
  • Herdeford
  • Kethwold
  • Kilkirk
  • Leftover
  • Plotholm
  • Prieston
  • Valemont
  • Warsby

Rumor Has It…

  • An Antagonese chevauchée could come at any moment…

See Also


  • The well-to-do Bannerish folk tend to favor a "bycocket"-styled hat with a horsehair-based ornamentation.


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