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Arldom of Kingswood


Ruler King John XVII (Crownroy)
Succession  Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture
Capital ?
Demonym ?
Area (mi²) ?
Population ?
Ethnicities ?

The Kingswood is a "county" in the demesne of His Majesty, King John XVII of Generica.


  • Kingsbridge

Origin and History



The Kingswood is a de jure county consisting of 4 holdings. See also: Vassalage in Generica.

Barony of Forest Keep

See Forest Keep

City of Townhold

Vicarage of Chapleton

Barony of Smallcastle

The "Laughing Bandit"

No one knows for certain, but the prevailing story is that the so-called "Laughing Bandit" is a yeoman—or possibly a lesser nobleman (named Ser Reginald?)—of the arldom of the Kingswood, who, being driven to outlawry during the misrule of Shariff Tyran "the Heavy-Handed," took to the greenwood of the Kingswood Forest, from where he stole from rich travellers and distributed his takings among the poor. Considered a dashing and romantic figure by the common folk, the Laughing Bandit gained followers, his "merry band." Despite the best efforts of the Sharrif of the Kingswood he evaded capture until the Shariff was finally removed from office by King Jon XVII and replaced by the far less competent Coffur Oldmoney.

The Kingswood Forest became a royal hunting forest some hundred years ago, covering most of the arldom of the Kingswood, and has been popular with many of the Crownroy kings. It is not a continuous swathe of dense virgin forest, but consists of birch and oak woodland, interspersed with large areas of open heath and rough grassland. The Kingswood also contains three Royal deer parks, near Forest Keep, Bestwood and Pittance Park. An ancient oak tree known as the Big Oak, estimated to be about 800-1000 years old and with a girth of 35 feet, stands near the village of Chopwood in the heart of the forest. According to local rumour, it is the Laughing Bandit's principal shelter, where he and his merry band sleeps.

Rumor Has It…

  • Agents of the oppressive former Shariff of the Kingswood, Tyran "the Heavy-Handed," remain in the service of his replacement in secret, and press the new shariff to continue the effort to bring the "Laughing Bandit" to justice by any means.
  • There is an entrance to the Fairylands hidden somewhere in the Kingswood (and the Druids may know where it is)

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  • The "Laughing Bandit" is an obvious allegory to the legend of Robin Hood, but is actually taken from the "Laughing Bandit" movie within the movie, The Rocketeer


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