Thurston Highhorse III

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Name Thurston Highhorse III
Age 51
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Feudal 5
Allegiance King Jon XVII
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Banner Hall
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Distinguished
Piety.pngPiety Dutiful
Icon wealth.pngWealth Filthy Rich


Title: His Lordship, Thurston Highhorse, Third of His Name, (14th) Arl of Banner Hall


Aloof, Money-Obsessed Ruler


Idle Rich; Money Fetish; Obfuscating Stupidity: Maybe? :P; Screw The Rules, I Have Money!




  • Latest in a quite-long line of rulers of the Banner Hall region, Generic, through-and-through.
  • Ambassador to Antagonia? (once or twice)
  • The region has lapsed in importance over the decades; he wants to Make the Arldom Great Again
  • Married a bit late (by medieval standards); a long, happy marriage, by all accounts


Spouse & Children
Wife: Eunyce Spentworth (940/60yo)
Parents & Siblings
Father: Thurston Highhorse II (926/975 @49)
Mother: Breza Thornbull (928/72yo)
  • Brother: Baron(-Consort?) Ser Sterlan Highhorse of [in Iron Hills, Southmark]; (48yo)
  • Brother: Elderman Symon Highhorse of [City Ward]; (45yo)
  • Brother: Vicar Almus Highhorse of Chapelton; (39yo)
Father's Family (House Highhorse)
Mother's Family (House Thornbull)


  • Banner of St.Eques

Royal Blood

Elevation of the house is of the utmost importance, and everyone contributes in their own way…some more than others. And nothing would elevate the family like having "royal blood" in the line. Lately, "Plan A" was to get one of the girls married to the king, but since he chose Malvyna Lionheart as his new queen, that plan is defunct. Now "Plan B" is to get Ser Chadd married to the princess, but that will be easier said than done. Arl Thurston and his wife prefer the up-front approach to deal-making. Mama Thornbull is looking to back-channel influence, schmoozing up to the Queen Mother and the king's advisors. The new Queen has her own schemes involving the princess that don't favor House Highhorse, though no one has yet discovered what those plans are. Meanwhile, Ser Chadd would rather just hunt and joust, and couldn't be bothered—and he doesn't speak openly of his reasons, though there are many rumours.


CK2: Fortune builder.pngSocializer.pngGroomed.pngKind.pngGreedy.pngProud.png; Focus: Business focus.png; Ambition: Obj become exalted.png


Fgle-dirkdeeds.jpg Deeds Dirk Deeds
Arl's Squire
CK2: Flamboyant schemer.pngShrewd.pngContent.png
Notes: The Fixer Actor:
Fgle-jockorlaxley.jpg Laxley Jockor Laxley
Arl's Squire
CK2: Indulgent wastrel.pngSlothful.png
Notes: The Slacker/Joker Actor:
Fgle-bratleypendigree.jpg Arms-pendigree.png Bratley Pendigree
Arl's Squire
Age: 16
CK2: Underhanded rogue.pngAmbitious.png
Notes: The Kid Actor:
  • Additional bodyguards
  • Additional troops


  • =Mace Tyrell/Thomas Boleyn