Court of Banner Hall

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Mayor Toff of Herdeford
Loyalist large.png Jobs perform statecraft.png Fgle-toffpendigree.jpg
Baron Graige of Warsby
Glory Hound large.png Job train troops.png Fgle-graigehautblood.jpg
Patron Lowely
Pragmatist large.png Jobs administer realm.png Fgle-ptnlowely.jpg
Garak Highhorse
Pragmatist large.png Fgle-garakhighhorse.jpg
Vicar Tidas of Prieston
Zealot large.png Jobs hunt heretics.png Fgle-tidasbookburne.jpg

See Arldom of Banner Hall



Ruler: Crown-count.png Arl Thurston III
Liege: Crown-king.png King Jon XVII of Generica
Religious Head: Pontiff Sonorus
Seat: Valemont

Household Organization

Arl: Crown-count.png Arl Thurston III

  • 3× Squires, Servants
  • Marshal (Troops): Baron Graige of Warsby
    • Commanders
    • House-Knights (Wartime)
      • Squires
    • Troops/Militia
  • Steward (Crops & Production): Patron Lowely
  • Chaplain: Vicar Tidas of Prieston
    • Assistant Chaplain: Patron Relig Hergood
  • Castellan (Castle's Defense & Security): Ser Alden Deeds
    • House Knights (Peacetime)
      • Squires
    • Guard Captain: Vijil Hardlock
      • Guards
    • Constable (Castle's Horses & Stables):
      • Stabler
      • Groomsmen
  • Chamberlain (Arl's Finance & Rooms): Lynus Penstroke
    • Clerk
      • Assistant Clerks
    • Cofferer
  • Wardrober (Arl's Clothing & Valuables): Garak Highhorse

Arless: Eunyce Spentworth

  • 3× Handmaids, Maids
    • 1st Lady-in-Waiting: Varice Minorhouse
  • Dapifer (Domestic Staff): Upton Whiteglove
    • Pantler (Pantry)
      • Bakers
    • Butler (Drink)
      • Cellarer, Dispenser
    • Larderer (Meat)
      • Butcher
    • Kitchener: Kettlyn Potts
      • Cooks


(Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture)

  1. Ser Chadd Highhorse
  2. Thotwina Highhorse
  3. Goldwina Highhorse


See Vassalage in Generica

Baron of Valemont
Crown-baron.png Mayor Toff Pendigree of Herdeford
Crown-baron.png Vicar Tidas Bookburne of Prieston
Crown-baron.png Baron Graige Hautblood of Warsby

Honorary Titles


Notable Residents


Fgle-toffpendigree.jpg Arms-pendigree.png F3
Mayor Toff Pendigree of Herdeford
Chancellor, High Almoner, Vassal
Age: 60
CK2: Charismatic negotiator.pngPoet.pngShrewd.pngStubborn.pngGluttonous.pngLustful.pngPatient.png
Obj become exalted.png Notes: Councilman of the Grocers' Guild of Herdeford. Has a wife, 3 kids (+maybe some bastards)
  • +Attendants
Actor: Michael Cronin, Ref: Merlin
Fgle-graigehautblood.jpg Arms-hautblood.png F4 Baron Graige Hautblood of Warsby
Marshal, Master of the Hunt, Vassal
Age: 36
CK2: Amateurish plotter.pngFeeble.pngBrave.pngHonest.pngWroth.pngDrunkard.png
Gain Land for Unlanded Son Notes: Much bark, little bite. Has a wife (2d), 2 kids.
Tropes: It's All About Me; The Friend Nobody Likes; The Rival; Upper Class Twit
  • +Attendants
Actor: Edward Atterton, Ref: Firefly
Fgle-ptnlowely.jpg R1 Patron Lowely
Steward, Commander
Age: 41
CK2: Detached priest.pngContent.pngLustful.pngTemperate.pngWroth.png
Notes: In over his head, and he knows it. Used to be chaplain. Rector, "heir" to Vicarage of Prieston. Actor: Johnny Harris, Ref: Medici
Fgle-tidasbookburne.jpg R3 Vicar Tidas Bookburne of Prieston
Chaplain, Vassal
Age: 52
CK2: Mastermind theologian.pngCruel.pngDiligent.pngParanoid.pngProud.pngShy.pngCelibate.png
Obj become parangon of virtue.png Notes: Germophobe
  • +Attendants
Actor: Lance Henriksen, Ref: Aliens?


Fgle-brezathornbull.jpg Thornbull S4 Lady Breza "Mama" Thornbull
Arless-Mother, Designated Regent
Age: 70
CK2: Intricate webweaver.pngMaster schemer.pngCynical.png
Promote the Family Notes: =Olenna Tyrell. Runs the show by making sure stupid decisions don't go unremarked upon.
Tropes: The Chessmaster; Refuge in Audacity; Screw Politeness, I'm A Senior!
Actor: Judi Dench, Ref: Bond
Fgle-bernycespentworth.jpg Spentworth S5 Arless Eunyce Spentworth of Banner Hall
Age: 60
CK2: Naive appeaser.pngBrave.pngTemperate.pngChaste.png
Notes: A bit of a ditz. Annoying lap-dog
Tropes: Ditzy Genius; Idle Rich; Team Mom
  • Varice Minorhouse
Actor: Natalie Schafer, Ref: Gilligan's Island
Fgle-chaddhighhorse.jpg Arms-highhorse.png F4 Ser Chadd Highhorse
Heir, Commander
Age: 23
CK2: Tough soldier.pngDuelist.pngFalconer.pngGroomed.pngBrave.pngGreedy.pngProud.png
Glory™ Notes: =Loras Tyrell/=George Boleyn
Tropes: The Ace; Knight In Shining Armor; Like Father, Like Son
Actor: Matt Keeslar
Fgle-thotwinahighhorse.jpg Arms-highhorse.png S4 Thotwina Highhorse
Arl's Daughter
Age: 20
CK2: Thrifty clerk.pngProud.pngWroth.pngArbitrary.png
Obj marry ruler.png Notes: =Mary Boleyn. A bit of a ditz (takes after mom). Mad about getting bumped by Malvyna as king's new wife
Tropes: The Snark Knight
Actor: Jessica Raine, Ref: Wolf Hall
Fgle-goldwinahighhorse.jpg Arms-highhorse.png S4 Goldwina Highhorse
Arl's Daughter
Age: 18
CK2: Underhanded rogue.pngAttractive.pngChaste.pngDeceitful.pngAmbitious.png
Obj marry ruler.png Notes: =Margaery Tyrell/=Anne Boleyn
  • [TBD] Pendigree (Toff's 15yo daughter)
Actor: Natalie Dormer, Ref: Tudors
Fgle-rondelhighhorse.jpg Arms-highhorse.png F2 Ser Rondel Highhorse
Age: 30
CK2: Tough soldier.pngCynical.pngProud.png
Notes: +Squire; Arl's second cousin, once removed Actor: Elliot Cowan
Fgle-questindeeds.jpg Deeds F2 Ser Questin Deeds
Age: 25
CK2: Tough soldier.pngErudite.pngJust.png
Notes: +Squire Actor: Tom Cullen
Notappearing200.jpg Arms-pendigree.png S2 Terron Pendigree
Youngest Son of Mayor Toff, Page
Age: 13
CK2: Fussy.png
Notes: Actor:
Notappearing200.jpg Arms-hautblood.png S2 Randyl Hautblood
Eldest Son of Baron Graige, Page
Age: 13
CK2: Haughty.pngLustful.png
Notes: Actor:
Notappearing200.jpg Arms-hautblood.png S2 Alass Hautblood
Daughter of Baron Graige, Page
Age: 7
CK2: Affectionate.png
Notes: Actor:
Fgle-vminorhouse.jpg Arms-minorhousepng.png S3 Varice Minorhouse
Wife of Mayor Toff, LiW to Arless Eunyce
Age: 47
CK2: Naive appeaser.pngAmbitious.pngEnvious.pngShy.png
Promote House Minorhouse Notes: Actor: Anna-Louise Plowman


Fgle-aldendeeds.jpg Deeds F3 Ser Alden Deeds
CK2: Sturdy.pngDiligent.png
Notes: Has a "deputy" or two Actor: Mark Ryan
Fgle-uptonwhiteglove.jpg Whiteglove F2 Upton Whiteglove
CK2: Paranoid.pngProud.png
Notes: Has a "deputy" or two Actor: F Murray Abraham
Fgle-ptnrelig.jpg R1 Patron Relig Hergood
Confessor, Assistant Chaplain
CK2: Martial cleric.pngCraven.pngTrusting.pngDiligent.png
Notes: Runs the chapel for the Vicar when he's (usually) away Actor: John Kavanagh
Notappearing200.jpg F1 Pilip the Mute
Stable-Hand, Carriage-Driver
CK2: Mute
Notes: Actor:
Fgle-vijillockhard.jpg F1 Vijil Lockhard
Notes: Actor: Alex Ferns, Ref: Andor
Fgle-kettlynpotts.jpg F1 Kettlyn Potts
Notes: Actor: Imogen Bain, Ref: RH:PoT


Fgle-garakhighhorse.jpg Arms-highhorse.png F3 Garak Highhorse
Spymaster, Wardrober
CK2: Elusive shadow.pngMaster schemer.pngShrewd.pngCynical.pngArbitrary.pngPatient.png
Notes: In Hiding In hiding.png Actor: Andrew Robinson, Ref: DS9

Rumor Has It…

Liege Plots

Known Plots


  • Increase council power.png Increase Council Power (Limit Ruler Power)