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Laws and Customs



Under the Feudalism system depicted, rulers grant parts of their personal property (their demesne) to vassals in exchange for a cut of their taxes and levies. A vassal's direct ruler is called their liege. Normally, every vassal can only have 1 liege (but there are exceptions).

The feudal system is a type of decentralization which makes ruling easier at the expense of personal power. Vassals can in turn distribute lands to vassals of their own, which is called subinfeudation. In return for their vassals' loyalty, the liege provides protection from external hostile forces.

In this case, a vassal meeting their duties depends largely on their opinion towards their liege. The lower it is, the fewer taxes and levies a vassal will provide. If relations deteriorate enough, the vassal might plot against their liege or join a faction to work with others in order to undermine or depose their liege.

Note that when a vassal inherits a title from outside his liege's realm which is higher ranked than his current one(s), the higher ranked title becomes his new primary title; this means that he'll cease to be a vassal of his (now former) liege. This is not the case if the liege grants the vassal the higher ranked title or if the vassal obtains the title via conquest, unless the title is of the same rank as or higher than the liege's primary title.

The Four Estates

  • Clergy: those who pray
  • Nobility: those who fight
  • Magistry: those who study
  • Laity: those who work

Druids split into clergy/magistry

The Small Council

Ranks and forms of address

See Rank and Status

  • Feudal Rank 8: His Imperial Majesty X, Emperor of [Region]
  • Feudal Rank 7: His Majesty X, King of [Region]
  • Feudal Rank 6: His Grace X, Duc of [Region]
  • Feudal Rank 5: His Lordship X, Arl/Conte/Markis of [Region]
  • Feudal Rank 4: His Lordship X, Baron/Vicarl/Viconte of [Region]
  • Feudal Rank 3: Ser X, Baronet/Lord-Knight/Banneret of [Region]
  • Feudal Rank 2: Master X, Lord-Tenant of [Region]


  • The style of "His Majesty" is a more recent adoption; kings were formerly styled "His Grace"

Other Features


  • The purpose of this article is to establish a baseline; YMMV
  • Liberties have been taken with the exact organization, names, &c., to make more "generic" sense

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