Graige Hautblood

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Name Graige Hautblood
Age 36
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Unknown)
Rank Feudal 4
Allegiance Arl Thurston III
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Valemont
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Established
Piety.pngPiety Dutiful
Icon wealth.pngWealth Wealthy+


Title: His Lordship, Graige Hautblood, Baron of Warsby, Marshal and Master of the Hunt of Banner Hall
Actor: Edward Atterton, Ref: Firefly


Hot-Tempered Weakling


It's All About Me; The Friend Nobody Likes: "Friend" might be a bit "strong"; The Rival; Upper Class Twit



  • The Hero™ of his own story
  • Hautblood family has ethnic Gaston origins
  • He is the second son—wasn't meant/expected to inherit, & wasn't knighted by right; older brother (knighted) died in battle
  • Father and brother both died the same year; bro died in battle [against Antagonese raiders], father died "getting revenge"
  • [Vicious rumours] (Sow Dissent success against him)
  • Trying to get his leige to upgrade him to Vicarl
  • Quite often can be found "drunk on duty" and suffering impaired judgement as a result
  • Low-key "hate" for Lord Ruffing (everything he wishes he was)


Spouse & Children
First Wife: Ilyana (d.11ya @25, of "poor health")
  • Son: Randyl, 13
Second Wife: Mertha Witt, (975/25yo/m.9ya)
  • Daughter: Alass, 7
Parents & Siblings
Father: Baron Maddyn Hautblood of Warsby (d.15ya @43, slain in personal combat)
Mother: Jaedyn (d.2ya @51, of cancer)
  • Brother: Ser Callor (d.15ya @25, slain in battle)
  • Sister: Karyn (965/35yo); unmarried, at court
  • Sister: Ryla (967/33yo); unmarried, at court
Father's Family (House Hautblood)
Uncle, Ser Honri Hautblood, 26; Grandfather, Baron Ravven Hautblood II, 66; Grandmother; died of Burning-Pox 35ya


  • Primary: A good harvest last year, and a relatively-mild winter, have led to surpluses. The Baron is weighing options regarding what to do with it: push to collect overdue taxes? Store up the surplus for bad times? Liquidate the surpluses to pay for expansion and/or possible military action?
  • Secondary: The baroness was getting a little stir-crazy at the estate, with the children away at court, so Lord Graige allowed her the task of redecorating/renovating the manor. Now, every time he retires to the country, nothing is where/how he left it, and not always quite fully "thought through."


CK2: Misguided warrior.pngDuelist.pngFeeble.pngBrave.pngHonest.pngWroth.pngDrunkard.png Focus: War focus.png; Ambition: Gain Land for Unlanded Son

  • Really tall (6' 3")
  • Near-fluent in Antagonese


Notappearing200.jpg Arms-tbd.png TBD
Baron's Squire
Notes: Actor:
Notappearing200.jpg Arms-tbd.png TBD
Baron's Squire
Notes: Actor:
  • Additional bodyguards
  • Additional troops


  • Sisters (help) manage other estates within the barony?