Breza Thornbull

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Name Breza Thornbull
Age 70
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Status 4
Allegiance Arl Thurston III
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Valemont
Icon prestige.pngPrestige
Icon wealth.pngWealth


Title: Lady Breza Thornbull, Arless-Mother of Banner Hall
Actor: Judi Dench


Scheming Matriarch


The Chessmaster; Refuge in Audacity; Screw Politeness, I'm A Senior!


  • AKA "Mama" Thornbull


  • Grew up in the ducal household of the Southmark, married off young and pushed to do her duty of bearing many children, but found herself having to "help out" more than expected and practically ended up running the house. They never had any children, and some have speculated that she pushed him (not literally) to his death.
  • Eventual marriage to Thurston II went better, but she had already learned how to get her way. (Ended up as his Spymaster.)
  • Still has strong ties to the Southmark and House Thornbull
  • Though not a Highhorse by birth, she has taken it upon herself to guide the house to greatness, for her children's' and grandchildren's' sakes, at least
  • Still entitled to the income from the Dowager's Portion of the Arl's estates, until her death
  • Convinced Arl Thurston III is a bumbling fool that must be "cleaned up after," and is barely able to prevent herself from saying so out loud


Husband #2: Thurston Highhorse II (926/975 @49)
  • Son: Arl Thurston III of Banner Hall; (51yo)
  • Son: Baron(-Consort?) Ser Sterlan Highhorse of [in Iron Hills, Southmark]; (48yo)
  • Son: Elderman Symon Highhorse of [City Ward]; (45yo)
  • Son: Vicar Almus Highhorse of Chapelton; (39yo)


  • Primary: She's trying to develop her plans for the family—currently working to get Ser Chadd married to Princess Damsel—but is being hampered by budgetary issues brought on by (what she sees as) the Arl's frivolity and spendthrift (including, but not limited to, his recent ransom for the release of Garak Highhorse
  • Secondary: Trying to get rid of or replace the current Steward, and looking for dirt on him, but hasn't been able to find sufficient justification


CK2: Intricate webweaver.pngMaster schemer.pngCynical.png; Ambition: Promote the Family


Fgle-maryanisgeude.jpg Isgeude Maryan Isgeude
Age: 16
CK2: Amateurish plotter.pngLustful.pngShy.pngProud.pngPatient.png
Obj get married.png Notes: Actor: Anna Popplewell
Notappearing200.jpg Manners Laycie Manners
Lady-in-Waiting, Wife of Upton
Notes: Actor:

Rumour Has It…

  • Everyone expects her to die at any moment, but maybe she's too stubborn to die…


  • =Olenna Tyrell
  • "Acting Spymaster" in Garak's absence