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 Relative  Imperial
9000ya 6000 BE The beginning of recorded history of the Known World
6000ya 3000 BE A cataclysm struck the Known World that did great harm to the realms, believed to be an encounter with Evil™; afterward came the birth of the Druidic Order as a cult of Balance™ within the Elvish religion, dedicated to prevention of Evil's return
3000ya 0 DE The Old Empire, with the help of the gods, stood against the encroachment of Evil™ onto Clichéa and defeated it, condemning it to the Abyss
2000ya 1000 DE Earliest formation of the Guilds (Heroes' Guild, Wizards' Guild)
1500ya 1500 DE The Old Empire officially transitioned to the Imperial Church of the Pantheon
1000ya 0 AE Collapse of the Old Empire, rise of the kingdoms of Imperia
600ya 400 AE Coronation of King Jon I, the beginning of the Crownroy dynasty's nearly-unbroken rule of Generica
500ya 500 AE Guild Coins minted for the Heroes’ Guild
100ya 900 AE Nefarian Conquest of Mankind
Generica and other nations of Imperia banded together to war against the aggression of Nefaria and its Black Army
40ya 958 AE The Burning-Pox
Plague outbreak ravages Imperia region for ~10 years
21ya 979 AE Prince Jon (XVII) married to Jayn Wolfrey
11ya 989 AE King Jon XVI died in bed, sick and infirmed; succeeded by his son Jon XVII
10ya 990 AE The Late Unpleasantness,” an uprising/clash between the great houses of Generica that ended up so embarrassing to all involved that the King declared that to speak of it directly is treason
7ya 993 AE Queen Jayn died of a sudden illness
3ya 997 AE Prince Jon (XVIII) lost, drowned during pirate attack on the Imperial Sea
2ya 998 AE Poorland conquered by Nefaria
1ya 999 AE Luzar's Host Claim on the Kingdom of Generica
Luzar Drakeburn raised a private army and attempted to wrest the crown of Generica from King Jon, and got his ass kicked by Jon’s army at the Battle of Crownsford; he remains a prisoner of His Majesty

YA="Years Ago"
BE/DE/AE=Before/During/After Empire