Matter of Generica

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The legend of King Jon I "the Great," the perfect king who ruled during a Golden Age with the Druid, Mysterion, at his side, but fell to treachery, and now sleeps, waiting for Generica's hour of greatest need.


Arthurian Legend; Shrouded In Myth

The Legend

A somewhat tragic figure, Jon is the rightful heir to the throne, who Mysterion took from his father, the previous king, to be raised elsewhere. He becomes king when he does something with the Sword ("Sword in the Tree"?) which only the rightful king could do. He then brings order to the land by defeating his rivals and other threats — and then tries his best to be a good ruler, assembling the Knights of the Ring to serve as paragons of chivalry. His rule is ultimately undone by the plots and shortcomings of his own followers and family, possibly involving a Love Triangle with his queen and his best knight. His reign comes to an end when he is forced to fight his own traitorous son (and/or nephew).

  • Jon leads the Genericans against the Northraiders and drives them out of Imperia; declared king
  • The Golden Age: Castle Royal built; the Capital founded; Knights of the Ring formed (Ring-Table, &c.); Jon married
  • Quest for the Holy Artifact


  • King Jon the Great = King Arthur
  • Holy Chalice = Holy Grail
  • Sword of Kings = Excalibur
  • Knights of the Ring = Knights of the Round Table
    • Each wore a ring to signify membership
    • The Ring Table (round table w/ "hole" in the middle)
  • Castle Royal = Camelot
  • Mysterion = Merlin—maybe still alive?
  • Ser Peragon = Percival
  • Ser Cortley = Lancelot