Religions of Clichéa

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The world is dominated by a single overall religion, worship of The Pantheon, though specific systems of worship do differ from place to place.

The Pantheon

Tropes: Fantasy Pantheon, Physical Religion, Anthropomorphic Personification, God’s Hands Are Tied, Gods Need Prayer Badly
Symbol: A nine-spoked wheel
Ruled by: The Sun God

The Gods

The Sun God

  • The Father; Patron of the Empire
  • Day Sky, Storms/Weather
  • Long-standing rivalry with the Moon Goddess
  • Top God, God of Good
  • Symbol: A gold sun in splendour

The Earth Goddess

The Mountain God

The Goddess of Wisdom

  • The Grandmother/Crone, the Weaver; Patroness of Kings
  • Fate/Time, History/Records, Weaving
  • God of Knowledge
  • Symbol: A silver key, in pale, erect

The God of War

  • The Son; Patron of Raiders
  • Battle, Hunting
  • War God
  • Symbol: A red sword, point in base

The Goddess of Love

  • The Daughter
  • Marriage, Matchmaking, Romance, Fertility
  • Love Goddess
  • Symbol: A red heart

The God of Death

The God(dess) of Magic

The Moon Goddess

  • The Oracle; Patroness of Alsandia
  • Goddess of Night Sky, Stars, Astrology, Dreams, Secrets
  • Long-standing rivalry with the Sun God
  • The Dreamweaver
  • Symbol: A white moon in her complement

The Saints

Tropes: Odd Job Gods

  • Not a fixed number
  • Overlap is common
  • Whatever it is, there's probably a saint for it


  • St. Agrarius, patron of farmers and peasants
  • St. Amoria, patroness of lovers
  • St. Charita, patroness of beggars and almsgivers
  • St. Eques, patron of horses, horsemen; Patron of Banner Hall
  • St. Ferrus, patron of smiths, craftsmen
  • St. Filchus, patron of thieves
  • St. Fiscus, patron of merchants, clerks, bankers
  • St. Fortunia, patroness of gamblers, luck
  • St. Gyna the Chaste, patroness of ladies; ~St.Mary
  • St. Hospia, patroness of the un-sheltered, innkeeps
  • St. Kynneth the Martyr, patron of the dying, resurrection
  • St. Librus, patron of bookkeepers, clerks, scholars
  • St. Medica, patroness of physicians
  • St. Nauticus, patron of sailors, fishermen
  • St. Pacifus the Gentle, patron of peacemakers
  • St. Paius the Founder, patron of the Church; ~St.Peter
  • St. Prosylus the Missionary, patron of priests; ~St.Paul
  • St. Questus, patron of hunters, seekers
  • St. Scriptus, patron of writers, illuminators
  • St. Via the Mapmaker, patron of travellers, cartographers
  • St. Victus, patron of warriors; ~St.Michael
  • St. Vinta, patroness of winemakers & vintners (& sometimes dancing)
  • St. Virtus, patron of chivalry; ~St.George


See Organizations

Tropes: The Paladin


Tropes: Eldritch Abomination, Evil Sounds Deep, Greater Scope Villain, Made of Evil, Ultimate Evil
Symbol: A black sun, wreathed in red flame (usually on a black field)

  • 5th Element+Aku (Samurai Jack)+ (a bit) Hellenism's Titans
  • Amorphous—not anthropomorphic; the more it is worshipped, the more it begins to take form
  • Ancient. Predates the Pantheon.
  • The one thing that the gods will stop squabbling and band together to deal with; happened once in antiquity, and Evil was banished to the abyss, but has escaped

Forms of Worship

Pagan.png Druidism

See Organizations
Tropes: Druid; Status Quo is God
Ruled by: The Council of Elders

  • Closely tied to Naturism, practice an offshoot of the Elvish religion that seeks to preserve the Balance™
  • Secret Druidic language

The Witches

  • “Witches”=Evil Druids

Sunni.png Munnism

Tropes: Crystal Dragon Jesus Muhammad
Ruled By: [Imam]

  • =Islam; dominant in Alsandia and Turbanistan
  • An evolution of the old Imperial Moon Goddess Cult, founded by Alqadam the Prophet
  • Patron: Moon Goddess

Romuva.png Naturism

Ruled By: ?

  • Patron: Earth Goddess

Buddhist Heresy.png Old Imperial

  • Old Imperial "henotheistic" worship of the Pantheon; considers "collective worship" heretical

Buddhist.png Pantheonism

See Organizations
Tropes: Crystal Dragon Jesus: Modified (Polytheistic)
Ruled by: Pontiff Sonorus

  • Actually Polytheistic, which is unusual in Clichéa