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Conty of Bordoor


Ruler Rémiss Daggérre (Daggérre)
Succession  Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture
Capital Mováy
Area (mi²) ?
Population ?
Development Average
Corruption Average
Demonym Bordoorine
Culture Antagonese
Religion Pantheonism
Ethnicities %Gaston

Bordoor is a "county" in the Ducdom of Gastony, primary title of His Lordship, Conte Rémiss Daggérre. (Court)


As the southeast corner of the Ducdom of Gastony, the conty is bordered by Marshay to the north, and Florry to the west. The remainder of its border, defined by the Pale River, is shared by several Generic provinces: Northelderland, Stronghold, Banner Hall, Bonnyfield, and Westmark. The eastern/south-eastern [third] of the province is dominated by the Pale River Valley. Rolling hills increase to the north, sloping upward toward the White Mountains.

  • Rivers?
  • Forest Shaydie in the middle

Origin and History

  • Used to trade territory with Generica; now they trade goods—and occasionally, blows
  • Largely Gaston population originated in the Pale River Valley area, extending into what is now Generica; sub-region of the Gaston tribes since before the Old Empire

Resources and Economy

  • Bordoor was once known for its highly-effective light cavalry, an intermediary stage between the heavily-armoured knight and the horse-archer. They were highly mobile, and excelled in scouting, reconnaissance and patrols, eminently suited to the terrain in which military operations had to be conducted in the northern regions of Imperia. They rode a local breed of horse measuring twelve to fourteen hands high, quite fast and sure-footed. However, in the last century or so, the mounted archer gradually surpassed the light cavalry as the predominant mounted auxiliary, especially for foreign service. They can still be found these days in smaller numbers, especially amongst local militias and less well-to-do mercenary units.
  • Wine is the most notable export. The vine was introduced to the region by the Old Empire to provide wine for local consumption, and wine production has been continuous in the region since. Many castles and vineyards stand on the Bordoorine hillsides. But in a ducdom known for its fine wines, in a kingdom known for its fine wines, competition for export profits is fierce, if not cut-throat.

Government and Politics

See Court of Bordoor


  • [House Daggérre, house Riválle, et al]


  • [Relations with Generica, Banner Hall, other provinces]
  • [Relations with d.Gastony]
  • [Relations with k.Antagonia]
  • [Relations with other Antagonese neighbors]


Bordoor is a de jure "county" consisting of 3 holdings (# hundreds). See also: Vassalage in Antagonia.

Barony of Mováy

City of Villebourg

  • Ruled by Mayor Snute Derishe

Vicarage of Templecourt

  • Ruled by Vicar Fecklyn Gormáy
  • Abbey of St. Vinta at Bouzée (AKA Bouzée Abbey)
  • Cathedral of St. Kynneth the Martyr at Templecourt

Cantons (15)

  • Mováy
  • North Pale
  • South Pale
  • Templecourt
  • Villebourg
  • Bouzée
  • Anmasse
  • Buffay
  • Armoár
  • Budoár
  • Culdesac

Rumor Has It…

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