Vassalage in Antagonia

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Ducdom of (the) Larroy

Crown-king.png King Francis V Gronwy of Antagonia
↑ Duc of Larroy

  • ↑ Conte of Sommiay
  • ↑ Baron of Palay
  • Crown-baron.png Mayor [Name] of [City]
  • Crown-baron.png Vicar [Name] of [Vicarage]
  • Crown-baron.png Baron [Name] of [Barony]
  • Crown-baron.png Mayor [Name] of [City]
  • Crown-count.png Conte [Name] of Fancie
  • Crown-count.png Conte [Name] of Nautique
  • Crown-count.png Conte [Name] of Derriay
  • Crown-count.png Conte Churrel [Name] of Lax

Ducdom of Angerre

Ducdom of Brigandy

Ducdom of Dumont

  • Crown-duke.png Duc Jon-Lushe Fauxhalle of Dumont

Ducdom of Gastony

  • ↑ Conte of Florry
  • ↑ Baron of Bastienne
  • Crown-baron.png Mayor Zorge Delucre of Purloán
  • Crown-baron.png Archvicar Dulwyn of Solémme
  • Crown-baron.png Viconte Bellus Lemerc of Rashfort
  • ↑ Baron of Mováy
  • Crown-baron.png Mayor Snute Derishe of Villebourg
  • Crown-baron.png Vicar Fecklyn Gormáy of Templecourt
  • Crown-count.png Conte Jon-Ponswá Rappore of Marshay
  • [Holdings×2]
  • Crown-baron.png Baron Róberre Amorál of Betnoár

Ducdom of Valay

  • Crown-duke.png Dujess Pretentia Delaroy of Valay