Vilinus Lionheart

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Name Vilinus Lionheart
Age 49
Race Human
Class Wizard
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Feudal 6
Allegiance King Jon XVII
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Lionheart Castle, the Gold Coast
Icon prestige.pngPrestige High
Piety.pngPiety Average
Icon wealth.pngWealth Very High


Title: His Grace, Vilinus Lionheart, First of his Name, (Fourth) Duc of the Riverlands and Marshal of the South
Actor: Vincent D'Onofrio , Ref: Daredevil


Conniving Ruler with an Anger-Management Problem




  • Born 953AE


Spouse(s) & Children
Wife1: [TBD] (951-972/@21yo); Died after childbirth (suspicious?)
Wife2: Enyssa Gilderion (968/32yo); from a Marinese merchant family
Parents & Siblings
Father: Arl Vinzan Lionheart of Armingham (933/67yo)
Mother: Dujess Marya Surrly of the Riverlands (937-985 @48yo)
  • [Older sister, died in childbirth]
  • [Older sister, died of cancer]
  • Sister: [TBD] (970/30yo)
Stepmother: Alara Badcock (963/37yo)
  • Stepsister: (981/19yo)
  • Stepsister: (987/13yo)
Father's Family (House Lionheart)
Uncle: Vicar [TBD] of [TBD] (936/64yo)
[1×Uncle, 2×Aunts, deceased]
Mother's Family (House Surrly)
Uncle: [TBD]; deceased


  • Friend: Dextar Henche
  • Friend: Vicar [TBD] of [TBD]
  • Rival: [Sister's husband]
  • Lover: Enyssa Gilderion (Wife)


No additional claims

The Family Curse

At some point in his late teens, Vilinus mistreated an old crone who turned out to actually be a high-level Druidess. The Druidess cursed him to know his future: that he would lose everything he cared about. Removing the curse was a strong motivation to excel at his magical studies, and helped him become more powerful, though not powerful enough to succeed. As the years progressed, he was cast out of the Wizards' Guild; his firstborn son-and-heir was diagnosed with an incurable, terminal disease; his only daughter has yet to bear a child, nor keep a husband; his second son was born a Dwarf, and is despised by him, though his wife swore no knowledge of how it happened; and his wife died soon after giving birth to his second son (though it is often whispered she did not die as a result of giving birth, as the official story stated). He would deal harshly (and, likely, permanently) with anyone who would dare speak openly of the curse, or the associated afflictions. But now his second wife is pregnant, and he fears what will become of them, to the point of near madness.


CK2: Mystic.pngAmbitious.pngDeceitful.pngWroth.png; Focus: Intrigue focus.png; Ambition: Obj groom an heir.png


  • A well-known conniving prick
  • Richest man in Generica, excepting the King
  • Higher-level wizard; denied a spot in the Circle kicked out of Wizard Academy for being a dick