Mac Sabo

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Name Mac Sabo
Age ?
Homeworld ?, USA
Role Pirate?
Status NPC (Active)
@PCs Trouble


Cocky, big-mouthed space-pirate with a knack for miraculous escapes


  • Was part of [Name]'s crew when Samson Bale signed on, and was on [Name]'s side of the vote when Bale was voted in as captain. There was a mutual dislike between the two, but he stayed on anyway. Later, Sabo started poking around to see if there was any support for a change of captain (namely himself) and was ratted out. Bale & co. captured the TFR galleon, Roever. Afterward, Bale took the fleet to Antichrist to drop off a load of treasure while he went to find a buyer for "the Case." One of the company's pinnaces was badly damaged in the recent fight, and Bale decided to ditch it (for speed's sake) after offloading the cargo. For his "treachery", Bale made Sabo "captain" of the pinnace, and left in a rapidly decaying orbit over Antichrist, having had him cuffed to the helm (after a nice speech). Knowing what was in store, Sabo managed to steal the navigator's "special" black-box, kept under lock-and-key, containing the course to Antichrist (along with some other "sensitive" courses). Sabo escaped the handcuffs and connected a vacc-suit to one of the ship's life support tanks he ripped out, and exited the vehicle in the nick of time, along with the black-box. He was picked up by passing smugglers (Truman Clark) before his air ran out, but was robbed and sold for a small reward to the captain of the CSS Ajax on its way in to Tamborro Station for resupply. The smugglers sold the black-box on the black market (to Sly), not knowing what was on it. He found DSD and hired them (without telling them the details) to help him steal Bale's hidden cache on Antichrist (The Sabo Affair).
  • While on the Ajax, Sabo said something he shouldn't have (something to do with bribes) to Cpt.Titas, making himself an Enemy who would stop at next-to-nothing to see him hang.
  • Acquainted with Steve Tulk and Steg from their time on Titleman Station


  • A mix of Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China) and Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)