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Tamborro Station

  • Orbit: 162,880mi (L-1 Midway-LB); 38 eDays
  • Population Class: 4 (#0,000)
  • Starport: Class IV-6
  • CR: General=3; Weapons=3; Trade=1
  • Station Map

AKA "Tambo." Orbits Midway at the Lagrange-1 point around two-thirds of the distance between the the planet and Laughing-Budda's (Midway's only moon). It is an Exodus-period way-station that saw a lot of traffic until around 20 years ago, when the shiny, new Celestia Station became operational. Now Tamborro only gets the less-well-off or less-scrupulous traffic. Considered a "Port Royale," meaning it's not a pirate haven, but merchants there tend to not ask where something they're purchasing may have come from, and local security generally takes a don't-bother-us-we-won't-bother-you approach. Tamborro is a good place for tramp-merchants on the cheap, as it has relatively low overhead costs, and it offers (non-corporate) privately-owned/leased berthing space (which is somewhat unusual).


Poorly maintained over the years, and has developed some quirks (GM: TBD). Aesthetically, designed with no "hard corners" and simulated natural materials, giving it a less-harsh, more natural feel (Ref:Morrowind-Vivec). 24hr "tumble" provides a day/night cycle; color-treated polarized windows and mirrors give the sunlight a more natural feel, although the "dawn/dusk" effect has been described as less-than-accurate. Made to house 20,000 permanently (comfortably), plus 5-6000 transitory; current perm. population is around 10500, around 3000 of which are station crew. Most permanent residents are local business-related, dockworkers, or military (USN/USCM has a small base of operations in the W. canton, with a private dock area). Four cantons (AKA "cans") of 25 4-story decks apiece; 14 decks zoned residential, 6 zoned industrial, 5 zoned commercial, and the top deck zoned for hydroponics. Each canton has four lift-clusters positioned on the outer edge. Hotels, casinos, theaters and such are in commercial. There is a modular sports arena in the S. Canton that caters to all kinds of sporting events (except G-Ball). The W. Canton is exclusively for housing station personnel, admin and maintenance, and the military base. Ship berthing is via a large split-level docking ring around the station's midsection.

Taxis are the primary mode of intra/inter-can transport; more like airport "buggies" than actual cars. Access to the dockyard is via 0-G express trams that run the length of the ring at regular intervals (Ref:subway), or freight trams that run straight from the industrial zone out to the ring (Ref:flatbed train).

Chain of Command


  • Residents commonly use bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, etc. for regular transport (but probably use the lifts between decks)
  • Addresses: R(Residential)/C(Commercial)/I(Industrial)[top-down deck#][canton]-[door#]. Example: R10E-1234 is E canton, 10th residential deck down from the top, door# 1234
  • Aid Stations (Ref: Dredd) on each deck; full hospital facility on C1W


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