Samson Bale

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Name Samson Bale
Age <40
Homeworld Aurora, USA
Affiliation Pirates
Role Pirate Cpn
Status NPC (Active)
@PCs Enemy


Darkly-flamboyant pirate prince


  • AKA Black Samson or Black Bale
  • Nasty but “honorable” pirate captain (Ref: Barbossa-PotC). Always dresses well, gives flowery speeches, and plays-up the role of "pirate prince"
  • He was very active in the Colonies, but now operates in TFR/USA space, w/ a majority Chi crew
  • Started out on a salvage expedition into the Colonies, trying to pick up lost Ozrahdi cargoes, but turned pirate when he decided instead to rob his bosses
  • Part of a crew of famous pirates, and was voted in as captain when the former refused to attack Commonwealth shipping
  • Captured the Terran galleon, re-christened Roever, and made it his flagship; later modified with Tohre-Chi gravsail drives
  • Generous to his “guests”; sometimes referred to as a “Robin Hood” pirate. Gave up his own ship to the former crew of the Roever after capturing it, only taking some guns and goods. He once returned a captured ship to its owner, because it didn’t meet his needs at the time.
  • He is very paranoid about his personal “stuff” and won't let his (mostly Chi) crew anywhere near it (he knows them well, after all).
  • Averted a mutiny by crewman Mac Sabo and hubbled him; after escaping, Sabo recruited the crew of the Bad Omen to help him steal Bale's nest-egg hidden on Antichrist (The Sabo Affair)


  • Heavily influenced by Top Dollar, The Crow ('89), but not nearly as "vicious"
  • A re-skin of Sam Bellamy