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United Stars Alliance


TL 10 (early)
Ruler President
Angus R. MacKell
Government Representative Republic
Capital [Planet], Aurore
Ethnic Groups

11 Systems, Human
Representative Republic; President Angus R. MacKell, V.P. James R. Butler
Ambassador to the Council: John J. Kissinger
Currency=Alliance Pound (£), CF=4.8, flux=14C
Languages: Amerish, Chinese
Special Units: Delta, 101st Airmobile, SOG



The Federation


  • Suffering from a long-term economic slump; the Alliance Pound is crap currency right now due to previous administrations’ printing of money like crazy, and the government is heavily indebted
  • A year prior to game-time saw a changing-of-the-guard from a long string of bad/corrupt Presidents (who wanted badly for the USA to be more like the more-successful(-seeming) TFR) to a more proactive, corruption-busting leader from the other Party. The new guy is cracking down on piracy, and nearly everything else, in an attempt to return the USA to its former “respectability” in the CHW. In the process, he is pissing off some of the other CHW member-states, which threatens to exacerbate the USA’s economic problems
  • Obviously a strong (intentional) American influence
  • A bit of a Wild West feel, a sort of half-assed, highly individual-focused country trying to pull itself together
  • Until recently, a bit of a “Port Royal”: not openly tolerant of piracy, but tended to look the other way


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