Guffin Hall

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Manor of Guffin Hall


Location Westmark, The Highlands
Ruler Rayna Starkweather
Demonym Guffin(s)
Population ~300
Ethnicities ?



  • Just over the Pale River from the Conty of Bordoor
  • Surrounding lands are a little rough, but serviceable.
  • Crowningstone Castle in Clansdale, seat of the Highlands, is a day's ride to the east.
  • Draftley Keep, seat of the Westmark, is just visible up in the craggy hills a league or so to the northeast.
  • The Old Bridge over the Pale is a furlong or two to the west, down the main road.

Origin and History

Guffin Hall is a small, fortified manor-farm, serving nearby Guffinham, a small, unremarkable, agricultural village. There are still scattered remains of the Old Imperial road to be found, suggesting it may have been built on the site of an older settlement in the area. In the hundreds of years since its establishment, claim to the land passed many times between Generican and Antagonese hands (and at least once, Northraiders). It was never valued for its prosperity, size, or prestige, only for its location near the one bridge over the Pale for many leagues—known locally as "the Old Bridge"—over which many small skirmishes have been fought. For the last handful of generations, the village managed under the lordship of the Starkweather family. Then, five years ago, after a series of family misfortunes that left the estate without a legitimate heir, it escheated to Markis Egowe. He promptly sold it to Baron Róberre Amorál of Betnóyr, in the Ducdom of Bordoor, in repayment of some debts, until the sale was determined to be illegal, and was returned to the last Starkweather heiress, Rayna.


  • Under the Starkweathers, the town elders mostly managed their own affairs, and all was well as could be reasonably expected. The Antagonese lord was rather more hands-on, to the elders' continual discomfort, leaving the townsfolk a bit disgruntled.



  • Reinforced manor hall, town's namesake; old, but in generally good repair
  • Fish pond near the manor hall
  • Modest pastureland, enough for a small amount of livestock

Notable Residents

Dorran Steadley

Dorran Steadley

Actor: Lindybeige
Tropes: Old Retainer: Not that old

  • Village admin, advocate
  • Current reeve; former house servant at Guffinhall for generations

Patron Crooss

Actor: Richard Rankin, Ref: Outlander

  • Village priest
  • Lead: Non-Anti-Antagonese Faction
  • Minor rival/competitor to Krona

Krona Magrumpf

Actor: Alice Krige, Ref: CarnivalRow

  • Wisewoman/witch
  • Lead: Anti-Antagonese Faction
  • Minor rival/competitor to Ptn Crooss

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