Rayna Starkweather

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Name Rayna Starkweather
Age 25
Race Human
Class Swashbuckler
Allegiance Generica
Residence The Capital
Status PC (Living)


Title: Rayna Starkweather, Initiate of the Heroes' Guild
Actor: Hayley Atwell


Feisty Swashbuckling Minor Noblewoman



Daughter of Lord and Lady Starkweather. She took to the sword at an early age, however acquiesced to her parents' wish for a good marriage and agreed to be wed to Lucian Andrewson, a kind man who was tragically murdered not long before the wedding. She then wed his brother, who shall only be called "the arsehole", to fulfill her late father and mother's wishes that the two families be united. Thankfully, for Rayna's sanity, the arsehole drank himself to death not too long after the honeymoon. However, she soon discovered that as the sole (she believes) surviving member of her household, she had no claim over her late husband's fortune, which was taken away and given back to his family, nor her own family's dwindling fortune, as it was taken away by the city. Without any other prospects, she took up her father's blade and now studies the art of the sword.


Attractive, Will never harm an innocent, Honorable, Vow to win back her family's honor