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  • Training the Gift of Magic
  • Mass worship or veneration, or on the flipside, fear or dread, can result in an individual gaining magical abilities; this effect tends to be "aspected" (positive abilities for veneration, negative/destructive abilities for dread). Generally requires a lot of people, such that the greatest of kings might be able to pull off a minor feat or two in their lives, but nobles of long-renowned bloodlines might exhibit effects like actual blue blood.
  • Overall Mana Level: Average. Pockets of High or Low Mana exist. Living near high-magic areas a bit like living near a kinda-leaky nuclear facility
  • Mana-based "weather" occurs, behaves like physical weather, and is predictable by trained wizards; can raise or lower the local mana level. "Storms" are also possible.


  • "Never Something for nothing": all spells must use a "component" of some kind to fuel the effect; the Player is free to make something up. Once determined, the component can be re-used indefinitely or changed for a better (or more immediately-accessible) idea at the Player's discretion. Materials so designated do not need to be specifically tracked, except as a plot device.
    • Matter for matter; energy for energy; life for life
  • “Mass-produced” magic items have #% chance of exhibiting a quirk of some kind