Rikard Stagwood

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Name Rikard Stagwood
Age 54
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Feudal 6
Allegiance King Jon XVII
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Huntsley
Icon prestige.pngPrestige High
Piety.pngPiety High
Icon wealth.pngWealth High


Title: His Grace, Rikard Stagwood, First of his Name, (Sixth) Duc of the Woodlands and Marshal of the East, Royal Master of the Hunt
Actor: Colm Feore


Inflexible but Loyal Ruler/Patriarch


Principles Zealot



  • 25ya, married to Teema [Surname]
  • 20ya, became Duc of the Woodlands after his father's death, around the same time his sister, Eliza, died giving birth to Kenrick—concerned about his lack of sons, he decided to unofficially adopt his new nephew "just in case" (to allay vassals' succession concerns)
  • 11ya, Teema died (reason?); remarried, to Annova Fishpoole
  • 10ya, first "actual" son born, to the relief of everyone (except maybe Kenrick)
  • 5ya, toward the end of his Hunting Focus phase, met Sidya in the woods, on a hunt, when he got sidetracked and isolated from the group. He insists he never lay with her, and he has a reputation for truthfulness, but it's still hard for most to believe.


Spouse(s) & Children
Wife 1: Teema [Surname]; deceased?
  • Daughter: Silvya Stagwood (21yo); married, no kids
↑ Son-In-Law: [TBD]
  • Daughter: Praya Stagwood (20yo); unmarried, nun
  • Daughter: Fawna Stagwood (18yo); married, no kids
↑ Son-In-Law: son-and-heir to the Arl of Northing
Wife 2: Annova Fishpoole (38yo)
  • Son: Arl Onryk Stagwood of Summit Keep (10yo); heir
  • Daughter: Aryana Stagwood (7yo)
  • Son: Turyk Stagwood (4yo)
Parents & Siblings
Parents both deceased
  • Half-Brother: Bucke Stagwood (47yo); commander; zealous, envious, stubborn, decent soldier
↑ Sister-In-Law: (young, 2nd?)
  • Sister: Eliza Stagwood (#yo); died in childbirth
Father's Family (House Stagwood)


Mother's Family ()



No additional claims

Bad Influence

Woodlanders have always had a strong "independent streak," and the Stagwoods, an old, old Woodlander family, are no exception. But Duc Rikard would never be disloyal to the king, no matter how weak the King might seem, no matter the King doesn't seem to recognize Rikard's loyalty or prestige, no matter the locals' desire for an independent King of the Woodlands—which he is publicly quick to quell. Frankly, the Duc always liked the King, personally, in spite of it. The Duc's first wife, Teema, used to keep the court together; it fell into some disarray after her death, and the Duc's new wife doesn't possess her organizational talent. Then, five years ago, the Duc encountered Mistress Sidya in the woods during a hunt and invited her to court, eventually making her his loremaster. To him, she is merely a wise and trusted advisor with a fresh perspective, a welcome addition to his team, if a bit unorthodox. To everyone else (behind his back, at least), she is a suspicious, mysterious character, that appeared from nowhere and wormed her way into the halls of Woodland power, constantly whispering in the Duc's ear. Since her arrival, things have changed—he has changed—now finding himself always…dissatisfied with the status quo. She insists he should be on the King's Privy Council, and presses him to demand recognition, but his sense of loyalty and honour always restrains him…but for how long?


CK2: Thrifty clerk.pngHonest.pngJust.pngStubborn.pngZealous.png; Focus: Rulership focus.png; Ambition: Obj become parangon of virtue.png

  • Often pedantic; always correcting people's grammar and such
  • Reputation for strict adherence to the law, and always telling the truth
  • Tends to come across as cold or callous; but there's a rarely-seen soft side to him, especially regarding his children