Kenrick Woods

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Name Kenrick Ysgoode
Age 21
Race Human
Class Knight
Status PC (Living)
Rank Status 2
Guild 1
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: Ser Kenrick Woods "the Hammer", Defender of the Capital, Initiate of the Heroes' Guild
Actor: Henry Cavill, Ref: Galadedrid Damodred from Wheel of Time


Chivalric Landless Knight

"'Tis always easier to make a friend before blood has been shed."


Will Not Tell a Lie, Knight in Shining Armor, The Golden Rule, Nice Guy



Bastard born, Kenrick is the son of Lady Eliza, the youngest sister of Lord Stagwood, Duc of the Woodlands, and an unknown man*. Sadly, Lady Eliza died in childbirth, but not before pleading with her elder brother to treat her son well. At the time, Lord Stagwood did not have a proper heir - he had several daughters, but no sons - and, as a result, reared Kenrick in such a way that the boy could become his heir should circumstances warrant it. Eventually, Lord Stagwood's second wife bore him a son which removed any chance of the bastard inheriting, a fact many within the duc's circle feared might lead to problems. This is not to be, however, as Kenrick is well aware that being bastard-born means he must make his own way. He considers Lord Stagwood and his children as family and is utterly loyal to them.

Having grown up as a bastard, Kenrick has intentionally avoided romantic entanglements with women, though he has had his fair share of admirers because he simply did not want to sire a bastard of his own. As a result of this, he is quite inexperienced in matters of the heart and has no idea how to speak to a woman outside of treating her like a fellow warrior.

Soon after Lord Stagwood had a proper heir, Kenrick was officially squired to Ser Robin of House Baylor, a minor knight sworn to the service of Stagwood but related to the king's chancellor, a fact he never allowed anyone to remain ignorant of for long. Ser Robin was an adequate enough soldier, though in truth, his reputation for being brave was due more to the heralds and troubadours paid to spread his fame than any true fighting prowess. In fact, Kenrick's skill in fighting quickly eclipsed that of the man he was squired to, which did not escape Ser Robin's notice and irritated him to no end. As a result, Kenrick was often volunteered for dangerous missions by his mentor, though Ser Robin often phrased things so that Lord Stagwood and his men thought that the young squire was simply overly eager for fame and glory. During one such encounter barely two years ago with a rebellious baron who raised troops to resist paying his taxes, Kenrick encountered a magnificent horse that showed no sign of previous ownership; he rode it back, intending to sell/trade the horse. Horse refused to leave him, & got him in trouble with whomever he tried to pawn him off to. This greatly amused Lord Stagwood who refused to accept the beast as a gift. Kenrick gave up trying to get rid of the horse when no one in Stagwood ranks was willing to even feed the damned thing.

Less than a year before the campaign begins (999 AE), the adventurer Luzar Drakeburn raised a private army and attempted to wrest the crown of Generica from King Jon. Lord Stagwood answered the king's call and Kenrick rode alongside him. At the final battle of Crownsford, while assigned to a squadron of cavalry led by Ser Robin, Kenrick's horse, Magnus, chose to charge without warning and against his rider's express orders to stop. The rest of the squadron, upon seeing their commander's squire thunder forward, followed, erroneously believing that Ser Robin, who had until then been prevaricating and hesitating to engage for unknown reasons, had ordered the attack. As luck would have it, this charge happened at the exact right moment to sway the tide of battle in the crown's favor and Kenrick would be knighted by King John himself. No one truly believed him when he insisted that his horse was responsible and now, Kenrick adds the honorific "Ser" to his steed when the irritating stallion opts to get him into trouble or decides to go his own way. Ser Robin the Brave did not forgive his former squire for upstaging him so spectacularly, however, and has passed the word on to the rest of House Baylor.

Now a knight, he sought and received Lord Stagwood's permission to depart Huntsley to seek out his own path. Now, Ser Kenrick has joined the Adventurer's Guild and is seeking to earn sufficient coin to buy his way into a grand tourney.

Supporting Cast

  • Ser Magnus: Kenrick's oddly-intelligent warhorse
  • Patron Justan Blount of St. Cudgel's Parish: Local priest and confidant/mentor
  • Daisy Harker: Housemaid at Duc Rikard's townhouse in the Capital, secret agent to Lord-Vicar Dovan of Parochia, Duc Rikard's spymaster
  • Mercus Days: Veteran, drunk, one-armed groundskeeper at Duc Rikard's townhouse
  • Rudo Highhorse: Annoying lesser nobleman residing at neighboring townhouse to Duc Rikard's
  • Prissia Highhorse: Rudo's sister, lady-in-waiting for the Princess, potential target of courtly love

Ser Kenrick Woods (205 points)

ST 13* [30]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 12 [20].
Damage 1d/2d; BL 34 lb; HP 13 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP 12 [0].
Basic Speed 6.25 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Dodge 10†.
6'1"; 220.

Social Background

TL: 4 [0].
CF: Imperial (Native) [0].
Languages: Antagonese (Accented/None) [2]; Common (Native) [0].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Squire (Dungeon Fantasy; p. DF15:17) [0]; Sword-and-Shield Fighting (Martial Arts; p. MA199) [0].


Adventurer's Guild Rank 1 (Free) [0]; Ally (Ser Magnus (Horse); 25% of starting points; Constantly) [4]; Appearance (Attractive) [4]; Born War-Leader 2 [10]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Patron (Duc Rikard, my uncle; Equipment: room and board; 6 or less; Minimal Intervention) [4]; Signature Gear $500 (Foebane) [1]; Status +2 [10]; Striking ST 1 [5]; Trading Character Points for Money $2,000 [4].
Perks: Armor Familiarity (Layered Armor); Form Mastery (Foebane); Good with (Kids); Weapon Bond (Axe/Mace, Spear). [4]


Code of Honor (Chivalry) [-15]; Honesty (9 or less) [-15]; Sense of Duty (Adventuring companions) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Lord Stagwood and Family; Small Group) [-5]; Social Stigma (Bastard-born) [-5]; Truthfulness (9 or less) [-7].
Quirks: Epitome: Walks, Talks and Acts like a Nobleman; Grudge: House Baylor; Treats & talks to Ser Magnus like a human. [-3]


Administration (A) IQ [2]-10; Animal Handling (Equines) (A) IQ [2]-10; Armoury/TL4 (Body Armor) (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; Armoury/TL4 (Melee Weapons) (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; Axe/Mace (A) DX+3 [12]-16; Brawling (E) DX [1]-13; Broadsword (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Carousing (E) HT [1]-12; Crossbow (E) DX-4 [0]-9; Current Affairs/TL4 (High Culture) (E) IQ [1]-10; Current Affairs/TL4 (Politics) (E) IQ [1]-10; Diplomacy (H) IQ+1 [8]-11; First Aid/TL4 (Human) (E) IQ [1]-10; Forced Entry (E) DX [1]-13; Heraldry (A) IQ [2]-10; Hiking (A) HT [2]-12; Knife (E) DX [1]-13; Lance (A) DX+3 [12]-16; Leadership (A) IQ+3 [4]-13‡; Observation (A) Per-1 [1]-9; Public Speaking (A) IQ-5 [0]-5; Riding (Equines) (A) DX+1 [4]-14§; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ+2 [4]-12; Scrounging (E) Per-4 [0]-6; Shield (Shield) (E) DX+1 [2]-14; Soldier/TL4 (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; Spear (A) DX-5 [0]-8; Stealth (A) DX-5 [0]-8; Strategy (Land) (H) IQ+1 [2]-11‡; Survival (Plains) (A) Per-1 [1]-9; Tactics (H) IQ+2 [4]-12‡; Teaching (A) IQ-1 [1]-9; Thaumatology (VH) IQ-7 [0]-3; Veterinary/TL4 (Horse) (A) IQ [2]-10; Wrestling (A) DX-1 [1]-12.
Techniques: Cavalry Training (Axe/Mace) (H) [0]-14; Cavalry Training (Lance) (H) [2]-15; Combat Riding (Riding (Equines)) (H) [3]-16; Counterattack (Axe/Mace) (H) [0]-11; Feint (Axe/Mace) (H) [0]-16; Hands-Free Riding (Riding (Equines)) (H) [4]-14; Hook (Axe/Mace) (H) [0]-11; Staying Seated (Riding (Equines)) (A) [1]-15.


* Conditional +1 from 'Striking ST'.
† Includes +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'.
‡ Includes +2 from 'Born War-Leader'.
§ Conditional +1 from 'Stirrups' when controlling animal, +1 from 'War Saddle' when rolling to stay seated.

Other Traits

CK2: Skilled tactician.pngBastard.pngAttractive.pngRobust.pngBrave.pngJust.pngCavalry leader.pngAdventurer.pngAward honorary title.png; Focus: War focus.png; Ambition: Obj ask liege.png


  • Currently resides at the Stagwood house in the Noble District of the Capital, in St. Cudgel's Ward (usually absent the Duc)
  • Meta-note: His father was Rayna Starkweather's father, Randyl, ... who is Brother Maykew Getwelle's father as well. Only Rayna is legitimate.