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Ducdom of the Woodlands


Ruler Rikard Stagwood (Stagwood)
Succession  Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture
Capital Stagwood Castle, Huntsley
Demonym Woodlander; "of the Wood"
Area (mi²) ?
Population ?
Ethnicities ?

The Woodlands is a "duchy" in the Kingdom of Generica, primary title of His Grace, Duc Rikard.


Origin and History

  • Known for its archery, longbows
  • ~Wales+Ireland



The Woodlands is a de jure duchy consisting of 3 county titles, with 4 county titles added. See also: Vassalage in Generica.

Arldom of Huntsley

See Huntsley

Arldom of Summit Keep

Arldom of Highwall

  • Belong de jure to region (d.) of N.Generica

Arldom of Lumberland

  • Belong de jure to region (d.) of E.Generica

Arldom of Parochia

See Parochia

  • Belong de jure to region (d.) of N.Generica
  • Ruled by Archvicar Dovan Fyrebrand
  • Cathedral of St. Gyna the Chaste at Proudchurch
  • Cloister Abbey

Arldom of Taxford

See Taxford

Arldom of Roxley

  • Belong de jure to region (d.) of E.Generica
  • Ruled by Arl Baldyr

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