Griztan the Old

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Name Griztan
Age 65
Race Human
Class Fighter
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: The Honourable Griztan, Steward of the Heroes’ Guild
Actor: Kris Kristofferson, Ref: Blade


Grizzled Veteran Logistics Expert




  • Orphaned young, cared for at a church orphanage sponsored but the confraternity in which his family took part, and struggled throughout his life until he later found his place within the Heroes' Guild.
  • Started as a porter for a merchant business, eventually taking full charge of managing shipping and stocking. Demonstrated not-inconsiderable combat prowess pulling security for shipments here and there, on land and by sea, which would eventually become his focus. Then he joined the Heroes' Guild to make his own fortune, though he found himself managing logistics at whatever chapter house he ended up with, especially after his knee started making martial pursuits problematic.


  • Primary: He's made some investments on behalf of the Guild, the returns for which have been long delayed, and with no word of its status, he's getting nervous.
  • Secondary: He's still doing a masterful but never ending job cleaning up after the previous Steward left a big mess of the Guild's business affairs before moving on to other things.


CK2: Thrifty clerk.pngAdministrator.pngSiege leader.pngCynical.pngDiligent.pngStubborn.pngInfirm.png; Focus: Business focus.png

Administration and Logistics Master; Good Fighter; Ill-Tempered/Curmudgeonly


  • "Quartermaster"; administrative advisor to Válaris
  • Dodgy knee—not an arrow wound (“Why does everyone always say that?”)
  • Smokes pipeweed