Dustan Towme

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Name Dustan Towme
Age 20
Race Human
Class Wizard
Status PC (Living)
Allegiance Wizards' Guild, Heroes' Guild
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: Dustan Towme, Novice of the Wizards' Academy, Initiate of the Heroes' Guild
Actor: Simon Pegg


Young wizard looking for adventure!




  • -20ya, Dustan born, third son of an oppressive upper-trade-class father, an accomplished bookbinder and book merchant in the Capital, Academics District
  • -19ya, mother died, having never fully recovered from childbirth.
  • -6ya, Dad pulls some strings and gets Dustan sent off to the Spire to train at the Wizards' Academy there—like it or not; met and became best buds w/ [Nick Frost] and [Anakin Potter]
  • -5ya, Dustan gets paired off with Magister Mintôr, a 300yo elf, who claims he drew the short straw (but probably actually saw some potential, and has been a good teacher).
  • -1.5ya, [Anakin Potter] identified as the Chosen One™ gradually leaves the other two behind (which reminds Dustan of home)
  • -1ya, Dustan allowed to take some educational/vocational time-off "on errant" under Magister Mintôr's occasional supervision; joins the Heroes' Guild
  • -<1ya(?), Dustan joins brothers-at-arms company with other PCs

Misc Notes

  • Grew up around lots and lots of books—learned all about books, covers, bindings, storage and care, etc.
  • Father has always considered Dustan to be pretty much worthless; favored the older brothers.
  • Dustan was a bit old to start at the Wizards' Academy, so he was always the older kid in the class.
  • Always had problems with the hierarchical and ritualized structure at the Guild; a bit of a free-thinker (and occasionally, troublemaker)
  • Trying to decide whether to continue with the Guild or strike out on his own.
  • Father & brothers still live at the family home/business in Academics District, in the Capital


Wizard, Guild member, sometimes troublemaker