Coffur Oldmoney

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Name Coffur Oldmoney
Age 29
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Rank Feudal 2
Allegiance King Jon XVII
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Forest Keep, the Kingswood
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Established
Piety.pngPiety Dutiful
Icon wealth.pngWealth Average


Title: The Honourable Coffur Oldmoney, Esquire, Shariff of the Kingswood and Constable of Forest Keep
Actor: Ted Raimi, Ref: Legend of the Seeker


In-Over-His-Head Law-Enforcement Officer




  • Son of His Majesty's third-cousin, given the position as a favor to the Queen Mother, Gwendys Oldmoney (who probably just wanted to get him out of the house)
  • Married "up" for a couple of years now (also arranged by the Queen Mother)
  • Has held the new post for ~1 year or so (previous shariff killed by bandits—arl of Brightcastle?)


  • Married; no kids (yet)


  • Primary: Coffur is suffering from the changes brought on by his promotion to shariff and duties at Forest Keep, but even less so his wife, who was "demoted" from her opulent life at her family's estates and hasn't quite processed the need to do with less.
  • Secondary: Coffur has made it his personal mission to capture and bring to justice the outlaw known as the "Laughing Bandit," but his over-enthusiastic efforts are consistently frustrated when he plays right into the outlaws' hands, time after time.


CK2: Thrifty clerk.pngTrusting.png; Focus: Rulership focus.png; Ambition: Obj amass wealth.png

Passable Administrator; Pretty Good with Money; Family Connections; Overconfident


  • There's a bit of a Green Acres thing with his wife—she doesn't quite get it.