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Barony of Valemont


Ruler Arl Thurston III (Highhorse)
Succession  Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture
Capital Highhorse Castle
Demonym Valish
Area (mi²) ?
Population ?
Ethnicities ?

Valemont is the caput major "barony" of the arldom of Banner Hall, home of of His Lordship, Arl Thurston III of Banner Hall


Valemont is situated near the center of the arldom of Banner Hall, nestled in the Esie River Valley, and surrounded by the Arborwood Forest. It is ruled from Highhorse Castle, built atop a large knob of rock overlooking the bank of the river.

  • Antagonese border to the north-west
  • Barony of Warsby to the north-east
  • Vicarage of Prieston to the south east
  • City of Herdeford to the south
  • Valemont Hundred+

Origin and History

  • Known for its horse-breeders, and a local breed of destrier
  • Was very much like Edoras in pre-kingdom times
  • In the Highhorse family for centuries, off and on


Barons of Valemont


Valemont is a de jure "barony" consisting of [X] hundreds. See also: Vassalage in Generica.

Highhorse Castle

The original castle of Banner Hall was built in the post-Imperial period as a defense against the Antagonese to the west. The region was the theatre of numerous struggles for influence, rivalries and occasionally battles between the Generics and Antagonese supporters. However, the castle fell more often through ruse and intrigue rather than by direct assault, because the armies needed to take these castles were extremely costly: only the richest nobles and kings could build and maintain them. Highhorse Castle is built on the spot where Old Banner Hall stood before it was burned to the ground centuries ago, and incorporates some of its surviving stonework. The sheer cliff face being sufficient to discourage any assault from that side, the defences were built up on the plateau: double crenellated walls, double moats, one of which was a deepened natural ravine, double barbican.

Town of Valemont

  • Population: ~750

Other Locations

  • (Minor) Plotholm; fortified town & manor
  • Towns, villages, hamlets, &c.

Rumor Has It…

  • An Antagonese chevauchée could come at any moment…

See Also


  • Highhorse Castle ref: Château de Beynac in the Dordogne, which has appeared in a number of movies including The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, and The Last Duel

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