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Name Zelus
Age 63
Race Human
Class Fighter
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: Patron Zelus, Chaplain of the Heroes’ Guild
Actor: Kevin McNally, Ref: Pirates of the Caribbean


Excitable Combat-Priest


Religious Bruiser



  • Born in 937 the son of a rural cartwright, who left him with the family trade after his death. But Zelus was an unfocused youth who never properly learned how to manage the business, and it collapsed spectacularly. Zelus struggled to find his purpose afterward, until a Crusader came calling, and mentored him into the priesthood of the Order. But his zeal eventually outgrew the restrictions of the Order. He struck out on his own, and found the Heroes' Guild to be a better fit—plenty of evil out there to fight, and the Guild let him loose to do it. But these days, he's not as fit as he used to be…


  • Still has some siblings and their families back home


  • Primary: Zelus' father-figure/mentor in the Order died some years ago, and he's lost his bearings as a result, a bit depressed, and has been thinking about officially leaving the priesthood.
  • Secondary: Seeing the troubles within and without the Guild, Zelus has been attempting to focus his philosophical and ecumenical efforts on bringing the "family" together, always coming up with some new "experimental" effort to promote unity and cooperation.


CK2: Martial cleric.pngTheologian.pngCrusader.pngHoly warrior.pngMonk.pngCelibate.pngRobust.pngBrave.pngKind.pngZealous.png; Focus: Family focus.png; Ambition:

Divine Spellcaster; Expert Theologian; Ordained Priest; Veteran Fighter; Crusader Order Connections


  • "Big-Boned"