Vigo Gambee

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Name Vigo Gambee
Age 66
Race Halfling
Class Rogue
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Bosco Gambee
Culture Shirish
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


AKA: Vigo Gambee, "Steward of Burrow Hill", Boss of the Capital Gang of the Halfling Mafia
Actor: Wallace Shawn


Narcissistic Crime-Gang Boss


Know-Nothing Know-It-All; Small Name, Big Ego; Smug Snake; Too Clever By Half



  • Even as a youngster, Vigo was a clever one, always figuring things out. But he also couldn't shut up about it, which earned him some rivalries along the way. When Bosco suddenly promoted him to Boss of Burrow Hill in the Capital of Generica, he was thrilled that he had finally been recognized as an valuable part of the team. It was some years later that he began to suspect his promotion was really just meant to get him out of the Shire, to ensure he wouldn't be in direct competition for leadership…or, at least, that's how he's come to believe it.



  • Primary: One of Bosco's Councilors recently died, and a replacement is being decided upon; seeing his opportunity, Vigo is trying desperately to impress the head of the Family with his brilliance, and maybe turn the tables.
  • Secondary: Business should be booming right now, but for some "inconceivable" reason, it isn't, and he's begun to suspect someone is skimming, trying to make him look bad.


CK2: Intricate webweaver.pngMaster schemer.pngAmbitious.pngCynical.pngDeceitful.pngErudite.pngParanoid.png; Focus: Intrigue focus.png; Ambition: Obj become chancellor.png

Erudite; Gang Management Skills; Knowledge of Poisons; Narcissistic; Paranoid


  • Obvious Princess Bride ripoff is obvious