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  • 200/-75 CPs; +5 for proper background, etc.
  • Basic Realism: No "Cinematic" Traits; Exotic/Super Traits available by Race, or cyber/genetic modification. Check "realistic limits" for improved Derived Stats (usually limited to ±2, w/ex)
  • Early TL10 (Early = TL9 still common as a cheaper alternative); variable (TL11 available in certain polities)
  • Starting Wealth: $40,000 (Gurpees)—overrules listed TL standard
  • Non-human races available at GM approval

Official Rules/Options

  • Impulse Buys; +3 Plot Points at campaign start
  • No Extra Effort in Combat (probationary)
  • Will be using Improvement Through Study (B292) time-use tracking (spreadsheet)

Unofficial Rules/Options

  • Standard House Rules
  • Relationships: This is a probationary experiment (if it doesn't work out, we'll drop it); each character will get one free (doesn't count against the CP limit) Relationship Perk level to put toward whatever character-relationship you want (may be reserved for future use, as well), for starters
  • Karma Points: AKA "Paragon/Renegade" or "Mass Effect Ethics."

New or Revised Traits

  • Chinese, as a second-language, in this (USA) area of space, is very common, almost to the point of raising eyebrows if you don't speak some; Language (Chinese or Mandarin) may be purchased at half-cost. Similarly, characters from the TFR will substitute French for Chinese.
  • New Advantage: Even Tempered, +10; the opposite of Bad Tempered
  • New Advantage: Gearhead, +5/Level; see Talent: Includes Armory, Electrician, Electronics Repair, Engineer, Mechanic
  • New Advantage: Guild Membership, +1/+5; +1 for home sector guild, +5 for "foreign" guild (+good explanation required)
  • New Disadvantage: Code of Honor (Chi), -10; Never go quietly, death before capture, respect a greater warrior, duty to challenge inferior/weak leaders, etc. -sort of like a terrorist.
  • New Disadvantage: Code of Honor (Navigators), -5; see above entry
  • New Disadvantage: Emotionless; Includes Low Empathy and No Sense of Humor, although not necessarily Callous. Immune to Fright Checks, and any attempts to manipulate this character through emotion are at a -10.
  • New Disadvantage: Non-Guild Astrogator, -2; basically a Bad Rep/Social Stigma; as "informally trained"; among guild-trained astrogators; all the time, as it becomes apparent.
  • Revised Skill: Astrogation, M/VH, No Default;
  • Revised Skill: Mechanic/Engineer; New specializations: A-Mat Reactor, Maneuver Drives, Stardrives.
  • New Skill: Astrography, M/A, IQ-5, Astronomy-2; like Geography for space.
  • New Skill: Bioelectric Manipulation, P/E, DX-4; Boellann only.
  • New Skill: Boellann Harmony, P/H, Singing-6; Boellann only.
  • New Skill: Spacer Lore, M/A, IQ-5; miscellaneous knowledge about the galaxy and the creatures that populate it, may specialize.
  • New Specialties for medical skills: Carbon-Based Biochemistry, Silicon-based Biochemistry, Flourine-based

Download data file for GCA.

Miscellaneous Rulings

  • No dodging "bullets" beyond Per# yards; "Evasive Movement" (-2), Drop Prone, Give Ground (if suitable cover is present), Acrobatic Dodge give their usual bonus as a penalty to the attacker's roll

Character Improvement & Advancement

These rules will be subject to occasional review to determine whether or not they’re working to everyone’s satisfaction.

  • 1 Plot Point will be awarded per session at the beginning of the session.
  • At agreed-upon breakpoints in the campaign story, players will be allowed to convert banked Plot Points into regular Character Points to be spent as usual on character improvement; conversion rate (currently, probationary) will be 1PP:5CP—there will likely be a cap on such per-session spending.
  • One CP will be awarded for a “natural” (not “marginal”) Critical Success or Failure to be applied toward the associated Trait. Such awards shall be limited to one per Trait per play-session, regardless of the number of individual Criticals rolled.
  • Other specific character improvements will be managed through in-game storytelling and out-of-game coordination with the GM.
    • This will include using Improvement Through Study (B292) time-use tracking (spreadsheet).
    • Character Points will not be required to purchase new Traits gained in-game through regular storytelling. For example: if cyberware is purchased with earned money, neither up-front nor indebted CPs will be required to activate new abilities.
    • This will require occasional review and coordination with the GM to implement new areas of intended improvement.
Here’s how this will work:
Player1 will let the GM know that he wants to get better at combat, and get rid of his nightmares. The GM will work with Player1 to determine what sort of in-game actions will result in said improvements: time at the practice range and combat simulations could be covered by Improvement Through Study which would then be recorded and accounted for, and some time spent with a therapist and/or drug regimen for the nightmares which would require some expenditures and scheduling. In both cases, an expected time for the improvements to occur would be sorted out. Then it’s business-as-usual until conditions are met, at which point the new Traits are added (or removed) and the character’s point-total is updated.