Impulse Buys

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These are the official rules options from GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys in use.

Paying Fate's Price

These points are considered to be persistent and/or cumulative across Sessions, and do not regenerate per Session (except Luck Points, as specified).

Plot Points

This is the standard type. Effects are as indicated below on this page.

  • Bonus Points, Starting Points, Sacrifice, Friends, Debt

Karma Points

Paragon vs Renegade; see Karma Points

Luck Points

Characters with Luck gain 2PP per level instead of the listed effects.

Specialty Points

  • Tactics rolls may grant PP specific to the tactical situation
  • Planning rolls may grant PP specific to retroactive preparedness

Buying Success

  • Critical failure to failure: 2 points*
  • Failure to success: 1 point*
  • Upgrade margin of success: 1 point
  • Success to critical success: 2 points*

Buying Failure

  • Critical success to success: 2 points*
  • Success to failure: 1 point*
  • Failure to critical failure: 2 points*

Cursing Mooks

  • Enemy failure to critical failure: 2 points
  • Buying Effect or Defense vs. Effect
  • Per two dice set to 1 or 6: 1 point
  • Per die for exact table result: 1 point

One-Use Perks

  • Immunity to (Specific Disease/Hazard), Low Rejection Threshold, or No Nuisance Rolls: 1 point/use; not Rules Exemption

(*) Costs are cumulative. Nuisance rolls, or similar situations don't count; @GMD.

Player Guidance

  • Minor change: 1 point
  • Moderate change: 2 points
  • Major change: 3 points
  • After critical success: -1 point*
  • Fleeting change: -1 point*

Trading Points for Money

  • Per 10% of campaign average starting cash (w/ suitable excuse): 1 point

Favors in Play

  • NPC is present and renders aid: 0.8 x base cost of Ally, Contact, Contact Group, or Patron, rounded up
  • NPC appears and renders aid: 1.6 x base cost of Ally, Contact, Contact Group, or Patron, rounded up

One-Use Perks

  • Brotherhood, Disposable Identity, Doodad, Friend, Honest Face, or Standard Operating Procedure: 1 point/use

(*) Added to cost of change. Minimum cost is 1 point.


  • Deflect disadvantage: 0.5 x size of disadvantage cost, rounded up
  • Flesh wound: 1 point per ¼ HP, minimum 1 HP (unless injury is already under ¼ HP)
  • Keep Dependent alive: 0.5 x size of Dependent cost, rounded up
  • Miraculous recovery: 25 points
  • Resurrect Ally: Ally cost
  • Second wind: 1 point per ¼ FP, minimum 1 FP (unless loss is already under ¼ FP)

One-Use Perks

  • Dramatic Death: 1 point/use

Amazing Feats

Not available for the following campaigns: S³M

  • Opt-in option (cinematic or optional combat rule—may include cinematic bow damage): 1 point/use, @GMD

One-Use Perks

  • Controllable Disadvantage, Rest in Pieces, or normally off-limits combat perk: 1 point/use, @GMD