Reyvanna the Black

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Name Reyvanna
Age 30
Race Human
Class Fighter
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Established
Piety.pngPiety Faithful
Icon wealth.pngWealth Wealthy


Title: The Honourable Reyvanna (the Black), Chancellor of the Heroes’ Guild
Actor: Claudia Black, Ref: Farscape


Sharp-Tongued Guild Advocate, Mediator


Deadpan Snarker; Jerk With A Heart Of Gold Silver: Downplayed; Sir Swears-a-Lot



  • Her father was the former chancellor of the Heroes' Guild at the zenith of his rise to prominence when he was cut down during an adventure for the Guild. She grew up around mercs and adventurers, and warfare, was expected to fill her father's shoes at the guild after his death, even though she might not be the most "fit" for the job.


  • Mother & sisters, living; father deceased


  • Primary: She has taken on a lot of responsibilities outside the chancery of the guild, side projects and the like, executing a long-term plan for the future, in an effort to live up to the expectations placed upon her by her overbearing (very religious) mother, who continually insists she have children.
  • Secondary: There is a well-meaning gentleman who has long been very enthusiastically pursuing her affections, and is starting to break down her defenses. (Ref: Aeryn in Farscape S2E11-13, "Look at the Princess")


CK2: Tough soldier.pngDuelist.pngHonest.pngStubborn.pngUncouth.pngWroth.png; Focus: Family focus.png; Ambition: Obj improve diplomacy.png

Passable Diplomat; Expert Fighter & Duelist; Thalassophobia


  • In charge of PR, recruitment
  • In over her head trying to keep Guild's image up
  • ~Avasarala, TheExpanse; foul-mouthed, uncouth, but somehow (usually) effective. "Says whatever she goddamned likes."