Murdok Half-Beard

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Name Murdok Half-Beard
Age 50
Race Dwarf
Class Fighter
Status PC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild, Smiths' Guild
Culture Dwarvish
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: Murdok Half-Beard, Craftsman of the Smiths' Guild, Initiate of the Heroes' Guild
Actor: John Callen


Smith and sometime torch-bearer promoted to adventurer



Murdok the Half-Beard is a bit secretive about his past. He is a simple Guild smith and torch-bearer no longer, whose ruined face speaks of an old encounter with dragon-fire, maybe; he is game for whatever delve his brothers-at-arms have in mind, even if an elf absolutely must be involved.

Secretly, he is the brother of the dwarf who (possibly?) triggered The Incident which unleashed the Burning-Pox plague. Murdok hasn't used his family name in decades, and is technically on the lam, a self-exiling that obviates the sentence a dwarven court would surely have laid on him. He presumes the rest of his immediate family are dead, but his Obsession involves clearing his name and that of his brother. Sharlok may have been a necromancer, but he couldn't possibly have done that to a whole mining colony. Could he?

  • -65ya, Sharlok Murdstone born in Dwarfmount, mining undercolony of Kragal Dhum founded
  • -55ya, Sharlok apprenticed to head of Dwarfmount Council of Life Wizards
  • -50ya, Murdok Murdstone born near Dwarfmount in mining undertown of Kragal Dhum
  • -35ya, Sharlok abandons family in pursuit of thaumatological studies
  • -42ya, Murdok apprenticed to smithing clan in Kragal Dhum
  • -40ya, Kragal Dhum destroyed, Murdok orphaned, Sharlok vanished
  • -39ya, Public animus and talk of trial leads Murdok into self-imposed exile
  • -30ya, Murdok employed as journeyman smith in The Capital
  • -10ya, Murdok employed by Guild as smith and torch-bearer
  • -1ya, Murdok promoted to Brother-at-Arms, Guild rank 0


Fighter, stalwart


  • Resides in a small, Guild-sponsored apartment in the Foreign District of the Capital