Mallus the Clever

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Name Mallus the Clever
Race Human
Class Wizard
Allegiance Mercenaries' Guild
Status NPC (Living)


Title: Mallus the Clever, Commander of the Brigandian Band
Actor: Jerome Flynn, Ref: Game of Thrones


Shrewd Mercenary Commander


Punch Clock Villain


Confident and strong, Mallus is always friendly and supportive of his crew, and has a knack for spreading his confidence to them. Mallus knows his talent for combat and magic, and while he understands he is good at it, he doesn’t understand his innate intelligence. He just seeks to use the skills he has to keep him and his comrades alive. You won’t find him reading philosophy books or poetry, but the practical knowledge in his head could become the next Art of War. This is all hidden deep behind Mallus’ good-natured, salt-of-the-earth personality. Mallus doesn’t show an ounce of the bloodlust that other mercenaries do. In fact, his strategies focus on tactical victory and attempt to avoid high body counts. He often looks out for weaker comrades.


CK2: Skilled tactician.pngTrickster.pngShrewd.png


  • Rogue wizard, based on "Support Mage" (DFA1:44)
  • Style: Scurvy Dog Sorcery (Pyr3/64:12); Third Level ("Seaman"). Rough, improvised feel
  • Crafty; Good at PR
  • Can still be a bit of a douche