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Name Lëodan
Age 83
Race Elf
Class Ranger
Status PC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Elvish
Religion Druidism
Residence The Capital


Title: Lëodan the Wanderer, Ranger of Elfwood, Initiate of the Heroes' Guild
Actor: Craig Parker




Lëodan's mother, Taurwen, was a reclusive "woodwoman." She lived by her own leave, beholden to none, in a simple cottage on the northern fringes of the Elfwood bordering the Wildlands. His father was unknown to him—his mother claimed he was a wanderer, or perhaps a Ranger, who happened upon her home and took shelter for a stormy night, leaving in the morning, never to be seen again.

Lëodan and his mother lived a simple, solitary existence—he did little but practice with the bow. His mother was not entirely sane by anyone's reckoning, and terribly paranoid. She never spoke directly of who she was or where she came from—perhaps she was running or hiding from something?—except for a rare mention of a great-cousin, Mintôr, who was a Magister of the Wizards' Guild, living at the Spire in Generica. They interacted with others only rarely, as travelers or drifters might happen upon the cottage. He was thirty years old before he saw his first elvish village, and it horrified him—all those people, living un-simply, so crammed together, constantly interacting. It took decades before he was comfortable enough to openly enter elvish society, awkwardly at first, but he eventually learned how to get along.

His mother had always told him tales of the Old Darkness in the North, of the Overlord and his horrible minions. He never really believed them until a decade ago when he began to see strange, dark creatures in the forest. He remained always vigilant, but eventually, a band of orcs slipped past his guard, raided his home, and killed his mother. In his grief, Lëodan tracked down and slaughtered the entire tribe, young and old. With nothing to bind him to his home anymore, Lëodan began to wander roughly northward into the lands of Men, believing the Overlord would strike there first should he return. He avoided the towns and cities for the most part, preferring to observe civilization from a safe distance. The only other family he knew of was his mother's great-cousin in the Capital, so he determined to brave the crowded city to find him, and perhaps, a new life's purpose.