Joquo the Spider

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Name Joquo
Age 34
Race Human
Class Rogue
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Marinese
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: The Honourable Joquo (the Spider), Spymaster of the Heroes’ Guild
Actor: Laurence Fishburne, Ref: John Wick 2


Friendly-But-Devious Information Dealer


Beware The Nice ones; Crazy-Prepared; Hero With Bad Publicity; Knowledge Broker; The Spymaster



  • Grew up as a servant in and around the noble houses of the Marinese Ducdom of Espaya, always near a state of war with internal and external enemies, held together by a silver-tongued Duke. He was often employed as a messenger, and developed skill at intrigue as a result, learning to survive through careful management/manipulation of information.


  • Primary: On a mission to uncover schemes against the Guild on behalf of Válaris of Heroham, actively running down multiple leads; most recently tracking communications in and out of Antagonia, resulting in occasional journeys there
  • Secondary: A "false" accusation of treachery resulted in his abjuration from the court of the Duke of Espaya; he is ever trying to track down his betrayer(s) to avenge himself, and/or restore his good name with the Duke


CK2: Intricate webweaver.pngMaster schemer.pngCynical.pngDeceitful.pngPatient.pngSympathy Islam.png; Focus: Intrigue focus.png


  • Comm Officer—keeps the ravens/pigeons
  • Homeless/beggar network
  • Keeps a very fast, black horse, named "Midnight"
  • A bit of a Marco Bello-Medici: Masters of Florence vibe—speaks to Válaris as "equals"