Gruff Lawkin

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Name Gruff Lawkin
Age 49
Race Human
Class Aristocrat
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance King Jon XVII
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Distinguished
Piety.pngPiety Dutiful
Icon wealth.pngWealth Indebted


Title: Ser Gruff Lawkin, Shariff of the Capital and Constable of Castle Royal, Senior-Furrier of the Merchants' Guild of the Capital
Actor: Hugh Laurie


Snarky Detective and Lawman


Da Chief; Jerk with a Heart of Gold; The Snark Knight


Anyone who has interacted with Ser Gruff in a legal context knows him to be rough-but-fair, and generally honest/not-corrupt. Those who work with/under him know him to be a bit unforgiving, almost to the point of verbally-abusive, but otherwise looks after his people.


  • Family wasn't particularly successful but obsessed with money; Gruff was married into money for business reasons, and the couple never really clicked.
  • Oversees district bailiffs, handles felony/royal cases
  • +Sergeant-at-Mace, his right-hand man
  • Works closely with the coroners on investigative cases
  • Beknighted some time ago by His Majesty for his prior law-enforcement successes (as warden and/or bailiff)
  • Primary: His (family) business is in deep financial trouble, and he's been procrastinating against making a hard call to deal with it—leaving the shrievalty to displace his father as head of the business.
  • Secondary: The City Fathers are resisting his attempts to get them to pass jurisdiction-related edict(s) that would untie his hands so he can do his job more effectively.


CK2: Thrifty clerk.pngHonest.pngJust.pngUncouth.png; Focus: Rulership focus.png; Ambition: Obj amass wealth.png


  • Bum leg; walks with a cane