Bryton Good-Heart

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Name Bryton Good-Heart
Age 33
Race Human
Class Paladin
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance The Sun God
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence Errant


Title: Ser Bryton Good-Heart, Paladin of the Sun God, Champion of the Realm (Generica)
Actor: Chris Hemsworth


Too-Good-to-Be-True Holy Champion


Celibate Hero, Nice Guy, Knight in Shining Armor, Prince Charming (though not a "Prince")


Everyone sees him as the squeakiest-cleanest, most pious, most trustworthy, friendliest person on the planet—women want him, and men want to be him—to the point that jealous or suspicious folk can't believe it's not a charade.



He was the son of a sorceress and an unknown warrior, but when he was born, his mother left him with a monastery. He was well cared for and raised as a monk. When he was old enough, he was to take the monks' vows to become one of the brothers. As the monks prayed to the Sun God to bless him, he was bathed in a shaft of light, and a vision of the Sun God appeared before the monks and announced that Bryton had been chosen to be his paladin.

The monks gave him over to the Crusader Order to be trained as a brother-militant. But the Crusaders didn't believe the monks' story, and put Bryton through many trials, intending to prove them wrong, the last of which involved him being blindfolded and tied up in a forest, requiring him to return to the chapterhouse by morning or fail. He escaped—though he would never speak of how—and arrived at the chapterhouse just in time to rescue them from slaughtering raiders.

Soon after, he informed the brothers that he had been commanded by the Sun God to go on errant, and left the chapter to wander, killing monsters of all sorts, and doing good to the poor and helpless. It was during this period he was recognized by King Jon XVII, who knighted him and declared him Champion of the Realm. Despite the accolades, he remained humble, and detached from politics of the realm.

Later he slew a werewolf in a remote barony, but was accused by the baron's wizard of having slain an innocent, and driven out. Two years later he encountered the wizard again, who asked for his help with destroying a nearby Cult of Evil™, but Bryton did not believe his story and refused. He later encountered the leader of the "cult," a sorceress, who revealed the wizard to be a warlock who had falsely accused her, getting her disinherited from her lands. She asked Bryton to help her kill the warlock; again he did not believe the story, and refused to get involved. The next day, he found the sorceress and her "gang" in the process of destroying the wizard/warlock's village in revenge. He fought the gang and slew them all. But the wizard accused Bryton of having killed innocents (again), and the villagers drove him out (again). Or at least, that was Bryton's version of the story…


Unknown, but the monks that raised him probably count.


  • Primary: Bryton has recently become aware of an increase in spies following him, showing up unexpectedly wherever he ends up, making discreet inquiries, &c.—not exactly unusual in itself, but these new ones have an ill-favored look to them, indicating a new player on the field.
  • Secondary: Folks have been more reluctant to provide the customary charity or hospitality, of late, and Bryton has had to start cutting corners and doing without, camping outdoors, &c. Though he has yet to find a certain cause, he currently suspects a whisper-campaign is afoot.


Always-Positive, Unflappable Disposition; Super-Likeable; Paragon of Virtue; Expert Warrior (Sword and Shield, and On Horse); Expert Theologian and Philosopher; Overflowing with Wise Advice; Divine Spellcaster, Powers


  • Ref: Metro Man-Megamind
  • Champion of the Realm; easily the "most likeable man in the land"
  • Women throw themselves at him, and he rejects them all so pleasantly they go away feeling like he did them a favor
  • Constantly giving "Dear Abbey" type advice; random people just open up to him all the time
  • Sorta social-opposite of Geralt of Rivia/Witcher
  • He is a Pantheonist, though that isn't always the case with paladins.