Búrli, son of Bárli

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Name Búrli, son of Bárli
Age 71
Race Dwarf
Class Warrior
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Dwarvish
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: Master Búrli son of Bárli, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Capitaline Guildhall of Heroes
Actor: Harley Morenstein (Dwarf)


Rowdy Barkeep & Adventurer


Badass Biker Horseman



  • Born in 929 to Bárli, a beer-brewer of the Hárli clan, well-known for their horse/pony trade and as farriers. He grew up in his family business, but he always felt stifled by the responsibilities of life in the trades. He became a master brewer, and was married into a good family, but became ever consumed by an indefinable need for "something more." During a trade mission to Generica, some action against bandits and the like got him noticed by the Heroes' Guild, and his wife, tired of his complaining, encouraged him to join. Since then, he's never looked back, though he visits home from time to time, bringing the spoils of his adventures.


  • Has a wife, back in Dwarfmount; looks like a biker-dude
  • Extended family in Dwarfmount, in the brewing trade


  • Primary: He's considering an offer of his own Chapter in the Guild that will inevitably have him relocate to another city, but he's been putting off making a decision, since he's really happy where he is in spite of the obvious upgrade in status.
  • Secondary: An old supplier to his family brewing business suddenly went bust, and has thrown the family into chaos. He's been considering and researching possible new suppliers.


CK2: Tough soldier.pngRobust.pngStubborn.png; Focus: Business focus.png

Race: Dwarf; Strong Fighter; Master Brewer and Drink Connoisseur; Expert "Experimental" Cook; Iron Stomach; Underground Survival Expert


  • Guild enforcer/bouncer, cook; #2 to Master Shaba
  • Lots of experimental hangover cures