Anson Law

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Name Anson Law
Age 60
Homeworld USA
Affiliation His Bar
Role Bar Owner
Status NPC (Active)
@PCs Friend


Wisened owner/bartender at Hard Vacuum


This bartender’s steady gaze, grizzled demeanor, and long salt-and-pepper hair can be just as intimating as a loaded-and-charged gauss shotgun. Until he trusts someone, he’s distant. If he trusts them, he’s very direct with his questions and advice, bordering on rude. He has no patience for idiots or for overly-complicated schemes. His life savings are in his bar, and he tracks the flow of information and activity in the area in order to protect it. After careers as a military officer and as an adventurer were both violently cut short by a failure to properly plan ahead, Anson invested what was left of his estate in a bar on the cheap side of the station. By keeping an ear to the ground and an occasional hand on the tiller, he managed to leverage his way into owning the entire building. He’s very interested in any activities that will affect him and his business, and will do what he can to direct them. Over the years, he has developed a circle of contacts and a collection of weapons and other gear that adventurers will find useful.


Aggressive, business, counselor, wealthy


  • Has a real-looking plastic 8-ball he throws at (friendly) people when they tell bad jokes or call him "Annie" (and keeps a real one for unfriendly types)
  • A bit more “comfortable” in life-or-death situations than normal folk; has clearly seen some action in the military, though he never talks about it.
  • Was referred to as “Master Sergeant Law” by “former colleagues” in S3M102.