Aidin the Heal-Sick

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Name Aidin the Heal-Sick
Age 24
Race Human
Class Cleric
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance Heroes' Guild
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital


Title: Brother Aidin the Heal-Sick, Cleric of the Capital Cathedral and the Heroes’ Guild
Actor: Nathan Rice, Ref: Gamers2


Faithful Guild-Provided Chaperone and Combat-Medic


Lawful Good (Law Before Good); Mr. Exposition; Super Gullible


Orphaned when very young, he lived on the Capitaline streets, until caught stealing. The magistrate gave him the choice of prison or the Church—he chose the latter. As a result of his strict church upbringing, he become a by-the-books lay-brother, the proverbial straight-arrow, often to the point of annoyance, which is why his less-scrupulous superiors "encouraged" him to join the Brothers-Militant, and regularly lent him out on-errant to the Heroes' Guild. Though his faith remained strong, his experience with the darker side of church operations left him uninterested in pursuing the priesthood, instead focusing on helping the helpless where he could. As a result, he eventually found himself spending more time working with the Heroes' Guild than his church superiors. Of course, his fellows at the Heroes' Guild always try to get him to loosen up, taking great pleasure in tricking him into "compromising situations."


CK2: Martial cleric.pngMonk.pngCelibate.pngHonest.pngJust.pngKind.pngTrusting.pngZealous.png

  • Honest, Loyal, True-Believer, Chaste


  • Guild Rep tasked to supervise PCs
  • AKA Heal-Stick
  • Won't stand for any sort of physical torture of captives on his watch
  • Working towards paladinhood