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Name Umbras the Shadow
Age 47
Race Human
Class Rogue
Status NPC (Living)
Allegiance King Jon XVII
Culture Generic
Religion Pantheonism
Residence The Capital
Icon prestige.pngPrestige Established
Piety.pngPiety Dutiful
Icon wealth.pngWealth Comfortable


Title: Master Umbras (the Shadow), Spymaster and Seneschal of Generica
Actor: Jackie Earle Haley, Ref: Human Target


The King's Shadowy Fixer


The Chessmaster; Dirty Business; Manipulative Bastard; Realpolitik; The Spymaster


Seen by common folk as aloof, yet friendly, but by most noble folk as a (well competent) pretender in-over-his-head, whispering in the shadows. Those that lurk in the shadows, however, respect him as a knowledgeable and dangerous schemer.



  • Born to low-born servants to the king's household in 953, raised up in and around the royal court—seems like he's always been lurking at Castle Royal in some capacity. His parents are both long deceased. Growing up at court taught him life-lessons about being on guard, not being taken for a fool, and trusting no one.
  • Married 4+ times, though not currently. Has five daughters he knows of (and one he doesn't), three of whom are legitimate
  • Served as seneschal under the King's father for some years, and was kept on after His Majesty acceded to the throne; officially charged with keeping the king's schedule and whatnot, but behind the scenes, he does the necessary dirty jobs. He is well liked and trusted by the king, though not so much by many at court.
  • He has an informant network he calls his “Little Birds.”


  • Tends to be underestimated and/or dismissed due to his low birth, which he uses to remain "invisible."
  • Primary: Has become the subject of Heirant Pompus' late efforts to rid the king's court of "bad influences"; the Heirant's open condemnation, and related gossip/suspicion is making it difficult to do his "real job" of finding out secret threats.
  • Secondary: Freed by the death of his lover's husband, he is now able to be seen openly with her, though it might be seen as inappropriate so soon afterward, and some might question whether her husband was "helped along"


CK2: Intricate webweaver.pngMaster schemer.pngCynical.pngDeceitful.png; Focus: Intrigue focus.png; Ambition: Obj get married.png

Expert Manipulator; Expert Organizer/Administrator; Master Spy; Eidetic Memory; Has the King's Trust; Sneaky; Ally Group (Little Birds)


  • Current Assignment: Scheme (Midland)
  • Liege Opinion: +69/+29
  • A little bit of a Thomas Cromwell vibe + Machiavelli