Sterling Harper

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Name Sterling Harper
AKA Jinx
Affiliation Steel Vipers
Job Gang Leader
Status Living (NPC)
@PCs Enemy (Sheps)




Gang banger for the Steel Vipers. Although he recruited John Shepard into the Vipers, Jinx began to regret that very early on, especially when Shepard started stepping up and assuming something of a leadership position. When John's sister refused his overtures outright, Jinx's dislike of the two Shepards intensified. After the rumble gone wrong, the Vipers were virtually exterminated, nearly to a man, especially when the local LEOs got involved (thanks to John working with them), and Jinx went underground. In recent years, he's resurfaced, now in charge of a new gang also calling itself the Steel Vipers (even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the old group.) Seeing that both of the Shepards are back and are working together has caused him no small amount of anger.