Cassidy Shepard

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Name Cassidy Shepard
AKA Dash
Age 33
Affiliation [Company]
Status Living (PC)




Cassidy “Dash” Shepard was born in 2043. She was preceded by an “elder” brother, John, who was born approximately 47 seconds before she was. Growing up, they failed to form that intimate bond that most twins establish, but rather they did manage to work together to overcome the trials of living in the slums. Still, times were hard and there was a constant challenge of making ends meet. Cassidy tended to be the one who was quieter, giving an impression of aloof shyness. While John grew up roaming the streets with the Steel Vipers, Cassidy tended to work alone and often turned to petty crime to get ahead in the world. Despite many arguments with her brother, who had since started working for law enforcement, Cassidy was certain that this was the only way to survive. After multiple run-ins with the law, she came to know Sgt. Joseph Riley, who was usually responsible for picking her up and/or booking her at the station. Sgt. Riley always said she was a good kid, just angry and bitter at the lot she was given in life. It was the tenuous relationship she had with Sgt. Riley that convinced her that she was at a cross road in her life and she had the power to change it. After years of a spotty juvenile record, Cassidy longed for some order in her otherwise chaotic world. Since she and John were barely on speaking terms, and with little to come home to, Sgt. Riley suggested she enlist in the military, in hopes for a better future.

Cassidy spent approximately a year in the military before the Second Civil war broke out. It was her hope that total unity could bring order to the free states and that would aid in the rehabilitation of places like where she grew up. Unbeknownst to her, he brother was fighting for Independence. She showed great promise in recon operations and usually worked alone or in small groups. If she wasn’t scouting, she was shuttling important intel to designated places. During her courier operations the need to keep her anonymous meant that she was given the moniker Dash, and was only seen wearing a dark fire suit and blacked out helmet. She spoke very little, if at all. She was rather successful at her job, however, one failure of note would be the time she stopped to give aid to a small band of Federalists who were ambushed and left to die. Because of this, she was delayed in relaying battle orders that were instrumental in the success of skirmish. By the time she got there, the Federalists were defeated. To this day, Cassidy can’t help but think that she could have prevented hundreds of deaths and injuries if she hadn’t of stopped. This has been the driving force behind her making the tougher decisions for the greater good. Saving lives is now based on numbers and probability. This has caused her to come off a bit cold and uncaring.

After Unification Day, Cassidy continues to work for the government as a courier, all the while trying to reestablish ties with her brother. She is shocked to find out that he joined the Independent side and spends most of her free time and money trying to locate his whereabouts. It isn’t until 2068 that she learns that he is being imprisoned as a POW, and tries desperately to have him released on her behalf, hoping her years of government employment and good military standing will give her some sway. Her plea falls on deaf ears however. Disillusioned, she quits her job and starts a freelance courier operation back in her hometown. Fearing her reception, she doesn’t reestablish contact with her brother after his release a year later. She takes the stance that if he wants to establish contact then she will welcome it, but if not, it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Disheartened by her life experiences she decided to take matters in her own hands. With the extra income she receives from her freelance courier business she soon starts donating to charities that aim to help underprivileged children. Soon she is put in contact with Arista Collins who helps her establish more permanent pursuits in helping children.