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Name “Siggy”
Age ?
Homeworld ?
Affiliation ?
Role ?
Status NPC (Active)
@PCs Patron

Calista and Siggy have been....well friends may be too strong of a word, partners maybe?. Calista doesn't think that the brilliant, reclusive Siggy has much of any social interaction, and that seems to suit him just fine. She met him by accident by literally falling into his lap while exploring an air duct in the underground many years ago. From there a tentative relationship had formed. He is an expert in electronics, coding, and hacking/bypassing computer systems, and is more than willing to create any sort gadget she needs, provided that she does the odd job for him to keep the funds flowing and procure supplies for him so he doesn't have to venture out too much on his own. Think of him as a brilliant mind who went a bit touched in the head and so needs a tin foil hat to keep the space government from reading his thoughts. Harmless, but really rather weird.

  • Handle: Sig-E