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Ruled by: The Lord-Commander, Knight-Commander

HQ: Border Keep, Generica

  • After the defeat of The Overlord, Jon XV ordered the building of beacon-forts all along the peaks of the Green Mountains and the Whitecap Mountains to the west, and formed the Sentinels, who would man the beacons at all times and patrol the border, ever watchful for sign of The Overlord's threatened return.
  • AKA Grey Watch, Men of the Mountains
  • Ref: Crows-GoT; alternative criminal sentence
  • Based out of Border Keep
  • Tasked to watch the Northern/Eastern Generic border for incursions; “border patrol”
  • Beacon-duty: Standing with a torch, ready to light the beacon, watching the valley below for suspicious activity
  • “Their color” is grey (AKA The Grey Watch)