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Canonical Cinematic/Literary Sources

Alien(s)/Prometheus Series

If there is a basic pre-existing setting used in the Daniverse, this would be it. The USCM depicted in the movie, Aliens, are the Marines of the USA (United Stars Alliance). With my discovery of the ACMTM, I incorporated a great number of the placenames and technical concepts.

  • Events of Alien(1)/Aliens(2) occurred mostly as-is
  • "Alien" is a Precursor bioweapon
  • Engineers/Space-Jockies may be Precursors
Babylon 5
  • Psi Corps=Telepath Guild, a powerful human NGO (Black Omega is a secret splinter-group)
Dark Matter
  • "Four's" rise-to-emperor storyline possibly occurs/occurred in FRS (details TBD)
  • Each of the human "states" their own mixed-culture, like the Chinese-American "composite culture" from the show
  • Events depicted may have occurred in some form in early post-Exodus human history, minus the "one star system" concept from the show
  • Reavers≈Sk'ran
  • Killjoys are a CHW Confederate organization (details, esp. "Sixes," TBD)
  • "The Quad" may get worked in somewhere
Predator Series
  • Yautja, a long-enduring galactic boogeyman that has yet to be proven to exist
  • "Preserve" planet(s) (Predators)
Riddick Series
  • Necromongers≈Præxiõns (stylistically, and to some extent, philosophically)
  • Lord Marshall=Præxiõn God-Emperor
  • Events depicted are a rough telling of a popular Præxiõn legend surrounding the earliest god-emperor(s)

The movie, Stargate, happened in the Daniverse pretty much unchanged, except that Ra was a Changeling (see Races), and the planet they went to was situated within the Milky Way galaxy. Some elements of the Stargate SG-1 TV series and spinoffs have been incorporated, but on the whole, ignore it. The stargate itself is Precursor tech (referred to in the series as the “Ancients”), and is not reproducible by any of the civilizations that currently exist in the galaxy.

Non-Canonical Cinematic/Literary Sources

"Cosmetic" sources are too numerous to list. Listed here are "functional" elements pulled from outside sources in a not-quite-literal fashion.

  • Peacekeepers: the UKT's military are referred to as such, and generally follow the show's example of appearance, attitudes, and behaviors. Tend to use similar eye-makeup to Season 1 episode "Exodus from Genesis"
5th Element
  • “Yellow Circles”
Mass Effect
  • Spectres=Grey Men; GPO black-troubleshooters

Historical Sources

Age of Sail
  • England=Confederacy
    • Scotland=UKT
    • Ireland=FRS
  • Spain/Portugal/Moors(?)=OKU
  • Venice=Kyahnt
  • France=TCC
  • Holland=RPI
  • Carribean=Outworlds
  • Barbary Coast=Coreward OKU-controlled space, known for weak control
  • Far East=?
  • Turks=TCC
  • Gold=Brin/Elerium
  • Tobacco=?
  • Doubloons=Gylae
  • Carrier Pigeon=Telepath
  • Coach=Hovercoach
  • Horse=Personal Hover-vehicle
  • Matchlock weapons=Slugthrowers
  • Wheellock weapons=Laser weapons
  • Flintlock weapons=Blaster weapons
  • Catholics=P-Church
  • Protestants=U-Church
  • Jesuit=Blackcoat(?)
  • Medici=[Kyahnti Banking Co]
  • The Plank=Airlock
  • Oars=A-Mat Thermal Rockets
  • Lateen-rig=Polarity Drive
  • Square-rig=A-Mat Pion Rockets
  • Steam?=GravWave
  • Masts#=Jump Capacity
  • Shallow-Draft=Aerospace capable
  • Swivel Guns=Point Defense Turrets
  • Pilot=Navigator
  • Pilot's Rutters=Black Box
  • Storm/Hurricane=FTL locks-on to mass of interstellar dust rather than intended destination; ship comes out in the middle of the dust cloud, destination partially/fully obscured, debris possible (comet, asteroid, little rocks, etc.).
  • Reefs/Shoals=Asteroids, KBO's, orbital debris, etc.
  • Rivers=Atmo
  • Coastal region=Star System
  • Deep Ocean=Deep Space, between systems
  • Run Aground=Accidental Re-entry
  • Doldrums=Stellar destination obscured (by dust clouds)
1980's Cold War
  • OKU=Soviets
  • RPI=NATO Europeans
  • TCC=Islamic Countries
  • Kya=Israel
  • Submarine=Undetectable
  • Depth Charges=Proximity mines
  • Sonar=Lidar
  • Noisemaker=Decoy
  • Bermuda Triangle=Grey Sector
  • All-out nuclear war=Ozrahdi invasion