Mishka Rollins

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  • Last seen 12 September 2404 (-5 mo); neither she nor Betty seen since. No communication from either since the disappearance
  • Mavin (the boyfriend) was with her before the disappearance, said she made no mention of leaving, but sounded more like she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon
  • No passenger/shipping manifests mentioning either by name (could be an assumed name, or off-books)
    • Ships departing around the disappearance have been identified; quite a few
  • No check-ins at the hospital, or any of the med stations
  • Blueline facial-recognition has failed to return any sightings post-event (could be disguised, altered, cloaked)
  • Blueline investigators failed to turn up any evidence of foul-play, or any motive for leaving (could be bad police-work, corruption); no bodies, no suspicious DNA
    • Mish’s apartment was left as-is; she didn’t take anything significant with her
    • Comm logs were wiped clean; a very thorough job, by Tulk’s reckoning
    • Later investigation suggests the apt might have been "cleaned"
    • Goods went to auction about -1 mo
  • No sightings reported at Midway, LB, or any other Helene port-of-call
  • No sightings reported at neighboring systems