List of Generican Monarchs

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  • Jon I
Reign 600ya to #ya
  • Jon II
  • Jon III
  • Roberd I "the Not-Jon"


  • Jon IV
  • Jon V
  • [Other]
  • Roberd II
  • [Other]


  • Jon VI "The Brief"
  • Jon VII "The Minor"
  • Jon VIII
  • Jayn
Only female ruler of Generica; turned out rather well, actually


  • "Long" Jon IX
  • Jon X
  • Jon XI
  • Jaymes I
  • [Other]


  • Jon XII
  • Jon XIII
After another rebellion attempt, got sick of Drakeburn treachery and exterminated the entire family (or intended to)
  • Jon XIV (?-?-900); killed at the Battle of North Pass
  • Jaymes II


  • Jon XV (875-900-928 @53yo)
Defeated the Overlord's Black Army and pushed them back to Nefaria
  • Roberd III (878-928-937 @59yo)
  • Jaymes III (905-937-954 @49yo)
  • Jon XVI (939-954-989 @50yo); died of age/infirmity
  • Jon XVII (961-989-?)
Defeated the adventurer Luzar Drakeburn's force at the Battle of Crownsford

Line of Succession:

(Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture)

  1. Damsel Crownroy
  2. Jakeb Crownroy
  3. Eddard "Ned" Crownroy
  4. Roberd "Rob" Crownroy