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<p>''See [[Free City]]''</p>
<p>''See [[Free City]]''</p>
=== City Council ===
=== City Council ===
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**[Mayor's Serjeant-at-Mace]
**[Mayor's Serjeant-at-Mace]
*[[Tadd Selmore|Elderman Tadd Selmore]] of St. Cudgel's Ward
*[[Tadd Selmore|Elderman Tadd Selmore]] of St. Cudgel's Ward
*[[Auster Fee|Elderman Auster Fee]]
*[[Auster Fee|Elderman Auster Fee]] of Westwall Ward
*[[Gildon of Profitton|Elderman Gildon of Profitton]]
*[[Gildon of Profitton|Elderman Gildon of Profitton]] of Vicarsgate Ward
*[Eldermen ×12]
*Elderman of Barge End Without Ward
**Wards: Arena, University, Westgate, Kingslake Without, Burrowhill, Westwall, Wharfgate, Marshgate, Southgate Without, Southgate Within, Bathhouse, Eastwall, Barge End Without
*Elderman of Blackgate Ward
*Elderman of Bathhouse Ward
*Elderman of Burrowhill Ward
*Elderman of Gardengate Ward
*Elderman of Kingslake Without Ward
*Elderman of Marshgate Ward
*Elderman of Southgate Within Ward
*Elderman of Southgate Without Ward
*Elderman of Westgate Ward
*Elderman of Wharfgate Ward
*Elderman of University Ward
===== Great Council=====
===== Great Council=====

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Mayor's Serjeant-at-Mace

See Free City


City Council

Current roster for year 1000

Small Council
  • Mayor Offus Betterman, Elderman of Kingsgate Ward
    • [Mayor's Serjeant-at-Mace]
  • Elderman Tadd Selmore of St. Cudgel's Ward
  • Elderman Auster Fee of Westwall Ward
  • Elderman Gildon of Profitton of Vicarsgate Ward
  • Elderman of Barge End Without Ward
  • Elderman of Blackgate Ward
  • Elderman of Bathhouse Ward
  • Elderman of Burrowhill Ward
  • Elderman of Gardengate Ward
  • Elderman of Kingslake Without Ward
  • Elderman of Marshgate Ward
  • Elderman of Southgate Within Ward
  • Elderman of Southgate Without Ward
  • Elderman of Westgate Ward
  • Elderman of Wharfgate Ward
  • Elderman of University Ward
Great Council

In addition to the Small Council:

  • [Councilmen ×(up to)17]

Other City Officers

  • [Recorder]
  • [Clerk]
  • [Bailiffs ×8]
    • [Bailiff's Serjeant-at-Mace ×8]
    • [Under-Bailiffs ×?]
  • [Chamberlains ×8]
  • [Coroners ×8]
  • [Bridgemasters ×7?] (per bridge)
  • [Wardens ×32] (2 per Ward)

King's Officers

  • Shariff Gruff Lawkin of the Capital, Constable of Castle Royal
    • [Shariff's Serjeant-at-Mace ×1]
    • [Under-Shariffs ×?]